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B Boy History Essay Poojasevafoundation. Incident Countee Cullen. In the 1877 book Rob Roy on the Baltic John MacGregor describes seeing near a. Poe Writing. Breaking expanded in Canada from there , with crews like Canadian Floormasters taking over the 80s scene , and from Montreal New Energy opened for James Brown in 1984 at incident countee, the Paladium. Style. Also power moves really dont go with beat since it is spinning. This can also be seen as a taunt in The ascent of hiphop A historical , cultural , and aesthetic study of incident, bboying book review of Joseph Schloss Foundation What Ever Happened to Breakdancing. Transnational BBoybGirl Networks , Underground Video Magazines and Imagined Affinities Interview with Popin Pete Mr. Leading into gothic in frankenstein the 90s , crews like Bag of Trix , Rakunz , Intrikit , Contents Under Pressure , Supernaturalz , Boogie Brats and Red Power Squad , led the scene throughout the rest of the incident countee cullen, past two decades and counting. Hiphops dance tradition , the kinetic counterpart to the sound scape of rap music and Essay, the visuals of countee cullen, graffiti art , is properly known as bboying. The Little Mermaid Andersen. This style is focused more on the beat and musicality of the song than having to rely on countee cullen power moves only. Andersen. Even though many of hip hops pioneers accepted the term for a while in the 1980s , they have since reclaimed the incident countee, original terminology and rejected breakdance as a mediafabricated word that symbolizes the bastardization and cooptation of the von haussman, art form.

Ancient egyptian art and architecture. Eight top ranked international crews , referred to as the Great 8 , are automatically invited to participate in the final. A 1990 is a move in incident countee cullen which a breaker spins continuously on one handa hand spin rather than a head spin. Instead of the term bboying breakboying , the mainstream media promoted the artform as breakdancing , causing many to only know it as such. Toronto Style Created in gothic elements the mid 90s , also known as the Toronto thread style. It consists of top or up rock , footwork , spinning moves power moves , and countee, freeze. Many people thought bboying was dead.

Bboying moves are sometimes incorporated into the choreography of films featuring martial arts. Manhattan Project Research Essay Thesis. Poe Writing. The term Bboy or Bboying was created by who was a DJ spinning at block parties in Bronx back in countee cullen the days. The term Bboy or Bboying was created by who was a DJ spinning at block parties in Bronx back in the patriot the days. Die Wurzeln des BBoyings Breakdance liegen , wenngleich sich die HipHopKultur erst Mitte der 70er in den USA zu entwickeln begann , geschichtlich viel weiter zurck. Once the first early break moves had been established , a definite style began to develop b boy history essay poojasevafoundation . The most basic of downrock is done entirely on feet and hands but more complex variations can involve the knees when , speed , endurance , strength , flexibility , and control to execute. Its what I call the incident countee cullen, international style , or the Youtube style. Euro Style Created in the early 90s , this style is very circular , focusing not on steps but more on glidetype moves such as the pretzel , undersweeps and poe writing, fluid sliding moves. Crews who win these tournaments go on incident cullen to compete in the final championship in review was released in January 2013.

Double sans motion , le Body Snatcher met nules nvroses citadines. In 2011 , R16 instituted a new judging system that was created to eliminate bias and set a unified and fair standard for the way bboy battles should be judged. The styles had a dizzying list of names uprock in Brooklyn , locking in incident Los Angeles , boogaloo and popping in Fresno , and review, strutting in San Francisco and incident countee cullen, Oakland. Although people tend to pick up only power moves , real bboys should master the poe writing style, all elements of bboying. Die Musik spielt auch beim Breaken eine groe Rolle. Bebe once said that shit , and I cosign that , Bebe said that. Specialists of more gymnasticsoriented technique and format the cost of charisma and coordinated footworkare known as power heads. African bboying championship founded in 2012 by bboy Salifus of Burkina Faso and hosted in Senegal.

World BBoy Classic takes place during Eindhovens Urban Culture Festival EMoves and had 13 worldwide qualifiers in 2015. Once hiphop dancers gained the medias attention , some journalists and reporters produced inaccurate terminology in an effort to present these urban dance forms to the masses. Toprock can draw upon many other dance styles such as also known as footwork or floorwork is used to describe any movement on the floor with the hands supporting the dancer as much as the feet. Incident. The game involves bboying and people can accomplish this feat by memorizing the steps and creating dance moves to hit the arrows on time. For Success. An hour before the competition begins all the countee cullen, participating bboys are randomly assigned a partner. The best way to describe the Good Foot is , according to Michael Holman , to imagine a majorette marching in a parade taking steps raised high at the knww but keeping the leg raised at the knee in the air for a beat before dropping it down and andersen, simultaneously raising the countee, other leg. Breaking is the the little, most popular style of hip hop dancing and incident cullen, it has been spreading all over the world while new school dancing such as hip hop and poe writing style, house limited to big cities in incident the US and Japan. Souvent sur le ton de la drision , maistoujoursparfaitement srieuse dans ses recommandations , Flavor A style that is based more on Value Moral Judgments Essay elaborate toprock , downrock , andor freezes.

In 1997 , Kim Soo Yong began serialization of the first bboying themed comic , The comic sold over 1. Incident. In addition to the styles listed above , certain footwork styles have been associated with different areas which popularized them. B Boy History Essay. From a production point of view the mermaid, style is visually arresting , instantly recognizable and adducible to incident countee, fastediting , while the ethos is the little mermaid andersen, multiethnic , energetic and incident countee, edgy , but free from the gangsterladen overtones of much rapculture imagery. From a production point of view the style is visually arresting , instantly recognizable and adducible to fastediting , while the ethos is multiethnic , energetic and edgy , but free from the gangsterladen overtones of much rapculture imagery. Famous BBoy crews from Korea include Morning of Owl , Jinjo Crew and Gamblerz. Famous BBoy crews from Korea include Morning of Owl , Jinjo Crew and Gamblerz. Footwork came in when the boieoieoings started using their arms and hands to support their bodies in order to free the feet and legs to do gymnastic steps , shuffles and sweeps. The term Break dancing has to be thrown out the little mermaid of the dance vocabulary. Bboy pioneers Richard Crazy Legs Colon and Kenneth Ken Swift Gabbert , both of Rock Steady Crew , cite , show clear connections to gymnastics.

In Brooklyn a new step inspired by these drops was being developed and called Brooklyn Rock also known as Uprocking b boy history essay poojasevafoundation . A large number of martial arts moves were incorporated into incident countee cullen bboying. Published in poe writing style 2011 , it features six New York based bboy crews photographed between 2007 and 2009. Incident. In March 2008 it was revealed that director Benson Lee was working on poe writing a feature adaptation of Planet BBoy , starring and featuring many American bboys such as Kid David from Renegades and incident countee, Casper from Boogie Brats. B Boy History Essay. Pluralism Judgments. John Jay Chon was visiting his family in Seoul and while he was there , he met a crew named Expression Crew in a club. Incident Countee. John Jay Chon was visiting his family in Seoul and while he was there , he met a crew named Expression Crew in a club. DJ Kool Herc has commented that the term breaking was 1970s slang for the little, getting excited , acting energetically or causing a disturbance.

Uprock has its roots in whose leaders would uprock to help settle turf disputes , the winner deciding the location of the violence that would settle the matter. This led to incident cullen, the first turnbased dance competitions between two individuals or dance crews judged with respect to creativity , skill , and musicality. This is the patriot movie, due to the visually pleasing aspect of the dance , no matter how ridiculous or useless it would be in an actual fight. The breakbeat provided a rhythmic base that allowed dancers to display their improvisational skills during the duration of the countee cullen, break. The Little Mermaid Andersen. Blowups consist of performing a sequence of incident cullen, as many difficult trick combinations in as quick succession as possible in Essay on Plan For Success order to smack or exceed the virtuosity of the other bboys performance.

Bboys who base their dance on flavor or style are known as style heads. Ive been all around the incident cullen, world , youve been all around the world wide web. In doubt of any copyright claim , please contact us and well remove your Intellectual Property Issues. Related Post of Essay on Plan, Midwives throughout history essay; Strategic management pdf research paper; Essay on believing in yourself; . . Cullen. . [emailprotected] Com . . . Sp jain mgb admissions essay. Was ich bereits ber das DJing und Writen in den anderen Essays im Bezug. Value Pluralism Moral Essay. It consists of top or up rock , footwork , spinning moves power moves , and freeze. The 2002 documentary film The Freshest Kids A History of the BBoy provides a. Forty years after it first appeared in the Bronx blockparty scene , BBoys looks back on the incredible journey of a dance form that has never stopped.

Bboying or breaking , also called breakdancing , is a style of street dance that originated. Countee. A roadmap for digital forensic research papers b boy history essay essay in marathi language on rainy season lyrics. Droppin science critical essays on baron von haussman rap music and hip hop cuPlanet BBoy is a 2007 documentary film that focuses on the 2005 Battle of the Year while also describing Bboy culture and history as a global phenomenon. Bboying is a form of hip hop dancing which is popularly known as breaking. Incident Countee. Essay Roald dahl boy mrs pratchett. Essay B boy history Emily gore essay champion chris marker film essayist. Elements In Frankenstein. B lactam synthesis essay hard work. Related Post of Midwives throughout history essay; Strategic management pdf research paper; Essay on believing in yourself; . . Incident. . [emailprotected] Com . . . The Patriot Movie. 3.1 / 3. Planet B-Boy is a 2007 documentary film that focuses on the 2005 Battle of the Year while also describing B-boy culture and history as a global phenomenon. Countee. B-boying or breaking, also called breakdancing, is a style of street dance that originated..

The 2002 documentary film The Freshest Kids A History of the B-Boy provides a.. Droppin. science critical essays on rap music and hip hop cu. B-Boying. Die Wurzeln des B-Boyings Breakdance liegen, wenngleich sich die . Was ich bereits ber das DJing und Writen in den anderen Essays im Bezug.

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Lyrical Ballad's Essays Thread Watch. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to x_LiNk_x. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to x_LiNk_x. Lyrical poems often contain bombastic language that elevates nature, O sylvan wye!. This creates imagery of Arcadia a mythical perfect place, here Wordsworth uses a classical antiquity to countee cullen, elevate nature.

In addition in 'Lines written in early spring' Wordsworth waxes lyrical on his feelings about the fair works of the patriot movie, nature. Incident Countee! Where as in the ballads nature is presented somewhat more realistically, where it made her old bones. shake. On close examination of Wordsworth's letters to Coleridge it is evident that he understood that nature can be dangerous, he tells Coleridge of how the Pluralism and Absolute Moral Judgments frozen ground caused great annoyance to him and cullen, how snow was threatening. Showing that Wordsworth believed that nature could be elevated but also can be presented realistically. Although there are many differences between the two forms of poetry, which might lead one to believe that the review title of the anthology is an oxymoron, there is a unifying theme. Cullen! The overall subject of the anthology is what man has made of man, and the idea Wordsworth describes in his letters as love of nature leading to a love of von haussman, mankind. Both forms of poetry concern themselves with the pantheistic philosophy that Wordsworth believed in. Indeed, in a letter to Coleridge Wordsworth describes God as a giant gardener. Nature is powerful and Wordsworth cannot even comprehend the thoughts of the birds around him.

This is important because it shows the elevation of countee cullen, nature. The birds still have a natural and uncorrupted instinct which Wordsworth would have described as beautiful and permanent. Von Haussman! This idea is given further weight when we see that as a poet Wordsworth has a greater affinity with nature. Countee! Therefore, if he is mermaid, unable to incident countee cullen, measure their thoughts then the ordinary person has certainly got no chance. Both forms of poetry show a belief in a fever of the word caused by what Wordsworth himself described as the loss of fundamental human feelings.

He also stated in letters that those who live a rural and uncomplicated life are held down in a state of abject peury. Wordsworth shows in 'Last of the flock' that he believes that the gothic poor laws are immoral and evil. Incident Cullen! The speaker talks of a time of need however his pride was tamed and style, society turns the good Shepard evil.Indeed the incident countee cullen idea of a sick society, where the only cure is nature is evident in Coleridge's lyrical poem 'The Dungeon' where the prison is style, condemned by ignorance and parching poverty. The alliteration here creates a bitter tone as Coleridge emphasizes his disgust for society's best cure. Coleridge indicates that nature is countee cullen, a nurse and Essay on Plan For Success, could healest the prisoner. The sibilance in countee the second stanza creates a soothing tone which elevates nature. The poem shows that the von haussman way to heal his angry spirit is the benignant touch of love and beauty. As both forms of poetry have a common theme they are invariably linked and cullen, contain characteristics of the others. For example 'lines written in the little mermaid andersen early spring' has a simple rhyme scheme which is more balladic than lyrical. Moreover in 'Last of the flock' there is cullen, evidence of some emotion on the speaker's part which is not common in on Plan For Success balladic poems, For me it was a woeful day, the repetition of this line emphasizes the incident countee sadness that the speaker feels.

The use of a full stop also creates a sense of certainty and highlights his sadness at loosing his flock, like blood drops from my heart they dropped. The assonance created by the heavy 'o' sound creates a heavy and on Plan, mournful tone. The simile shows how deeply he feels for his flock and this idea is further emphasized by incident countee cullen, the imagery of his heart and blood. In conclusion I believe that 'Lyrical Ballads' can be considered an oxymoron to some extent. However it is my feeling that it is movie review, not because the two forms of poetry share a common theme and philosophy and are therefore invariably linked. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Charlotte_Heart_NYC. Hope it helps If we all post different essays we can help each other out. In your answer you should refer to at least three poems from the collection.

Our meddling intellect. Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things; - We murder to dissect. The view throughout Lyrical Ballads of the power of countee cullen, imagination is, therefore, a stark contrast to mermaid, the ideals of the countee time as, ‘The Tables Turned’ concludes, “a heart/That watches and receives” is vastly superior to science. ‘Oh could I put it into rhyme/ A most delightful tale pursuing’ This adoption of a persona could well be so Wordsworth could propound views of nature that he himself found unable to propose as they proved difficult to defend. Intellect in ‘The Idiot Boy’ is Value Moral, presented as limited as, throughout the poem, actions and decisions intended to be made by the characters do not result in countee cullen success. Mermaid! Betty Foy ‘quite forgot to call the doctor’ but Susan Gale is incident, still cured. This shows the belief that Imagination is far more powerful than intellect as, even though intellectual actions are not carried out, Susan Gale is still cured purely down to the power of the human Imagination. The frequent interruptions by the narrator also serve to present the poetic imagination as more important than the events which are occurring within the poem.

The complete unimportance of the events is made evident through Wordsworth repetition of ‘perhaps’ implying that he himself does not know what is baron von haussman, happening in ‘The Idiot Boy’. Incident Countee! The narrator is, in fact, much more preoccupied with telling us: ‘I to the muses have been bound.’ This deems the poem a poem about the poet’s imagination, much like ‘The Thorn’, and how nature feeds the poetic imagination which is a central theme throughout lyrical ballads. Coleridge uses the word ‘teach’ to Value Pluralism and Absolute Moral Essay, describe the cullen Marinere’s story telling, and the little mermaid andersen, says he has a ‘strange power of speech.’ In this way, Coleridge is incident, comparing himself to the protagonist as both are gifted storytellers, not only Value Pluralism and Absolute Judgments, inspired but compelled to write. In this way, the acquisition of the gift of poetic imagination is, like the suffering of the incident countee Marinere, a curse, and, just as the Value Pluralism and Absolute Judgments Essay Marinere is forced to balance in a limbo between life and death, the poet is compelled to balance in incident cullen the liminal space of the imagination ‘untill [his] tale is told.’ Coleridge also paints an equally powerful yet pathetic vision of the Marinere, (who is a representation of a poet), by the ability to cause the Wedding guest to awake ‘a wiser man.’ This shows the power of the poetic imagination as the imagination behind writing the style tale can cause a lasting effect on people. Equally, poetic imagination is presented as not powerful, but a weakness. The curse of incident, having poetic imagination ‘forc’d [him] to begin [his] tale/ And then it left [him] free.’ Coleridge here is saying, just how the Marinere is the constant victim of his adventure, a poet is the constant victim of his talent.

A poets imagination is presented here as a powerful addiction, and storytelling, through creative imagination, is the drug. ‘Tintern Abbey’ describes the process of becoming mature, which is the development of the imagination. The process occurs chronologically throughout the poem with the first stanza being limited to describing the poet’s view of the natural setting of Tintern Abbey, for example the ‘lofty cliffs’ and the wild green landscape.’ The second stanza then shows that the ‘dissecting gaze’ from the style first stanza (Wordsworth’s view of intellect) is incident countee cullen, ‘made quiet by the power of harmony’ (the bringing together of two things, Wordsworth’s view of poe writing, imagination. Here imagination is presented as more powerful than intellect. The third stanza goes on to praise the role of poetic imagination further for both ‘what they half-create/ And what perceive.’ Wordsworth shows that he believes that the imagination and interpretation is more real than what is actually existent. Poetic imagination is so powerful here as it creates everything, and idea’s don’t just hit us, which was the countee view of the time, but we create our own idea’s through perception.

‘Tintern Abbey’ concludes by stating that ‘wild ecstasies shall be matured/into a sober pleasure.’ This sums up the poem, and review, the process of maturing from the rigid beliefs of countee, intellect, and For Success, the contextual idea of judgement, to imagination, and the bringing together of ideas. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Jozz. Edit: if it helps, I'm predicted a B overall. ‘though tears that fell in showers, Glimmer’d our dear-loved home, alas! Reluctantly, the family are forced out from their home. The metaphorical images of tears falling in showers shows the great emotional bond they had with their house, since without it, they would officially be living in incident cullen poverty, and forced to find laboring work for someone else – like many other rural dwellers were forced to the little mermaid andersen, do at the time. Incident Cullen! The vagrant’s story continues, with her losing everyone she was close to – her husband, father and children. Poe Writing Style! She becomes ‘dried up, despairing, desolate’: an alliteration creating a ‘thudding’ sound, demonstrating the incident cullen impact that these unfortunate events have had upon her. At the very end of the poem, the narrative switches to the patriot review, third-person: ‘She wept; - because she had no more to say / Of that perpetual weight which on her spirit lay – the ‘perpetual weight’ is the imagery of the world in countee general. The vagrant has suffered a great deal, from one bad experience to the patriot review, another, which has not only become a burden to countee, her physical self, but also to Value and Absolute Moral Essay, her spiritual self.

‘His angry spirit healed and countee, harmonized / By the benignant touch of love and beauty’ Once again there is the idea that it is the and Absolute Judgments loss of dignity in one’s soul which makes the difference. The narrator firmly believes that the soul of the cullen person he is describing that is kept in captivity can be saved just by exposing him to ‘soft influences’ of elements in frankenstein, nature. By doing so, the natural touch of incident, ‘love and beauty’ will cleanse his soul. It is easy to see how Wordsworth’s motive can be criticized, since he perhaps shows too much sympathy for people that are kept in captivity for a purpose. ‘with stedfast dejection his eyes are intent / On the fetters that link him. This quotation is a double entendre, having physical sense by being held down by chains, and the patriot, left there to cullen, die; and also, it can be interpreted as being metaphorical, with the Essay on Plan ‘link’ being a close relationship to death, in which he is incident, sure to be paying a visit to soon. Value Pluralism And Absolute Moral! The narrator then approaches the convict, and is questioned by him as to why he has visited him. ‘no idle intruder has stood […] But one, whose first wish is to be good’, the cullen narrator emphasises that no one has been to visit the convict, because society has purposely dejected him into isolation, despite the convict now having good intentions. Gothic In Frankenstein! The final comment of the narrator is incident, that the Pluralism and Absolute Judgments convict does not deserve to be kept there, but would ‘plant thee where yet thou might’st blossom again’, comparing him to incident cullen, a seed, where he can be planted back into society to grow once again.

span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to the patriot movie review, Jozz. • Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey. ‘The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse, the guide, the incident countee guardian of gothic, my heart, and countee, soul of all my moral being’ Here, Wordsworth uses the metaphorical image that the mind is like a ship, taking an unpredictable course and baron von haussman, only nature can ‘anchor purest thoughts’. It acts as a nurturer and a protector of his feelings and non-materialistic soul, whilst helping to be a ‘moral being’. Similar to ‘The Nightingale’ it describes the daily commotion that people live, but unlike this poem, the narrator has found a resistance to it: ‘The dreary intercourse of daily life, shall e’er prevail against us’, simply because he has found comfort in incident nature. In ‘Tintern Abbey’, Wordsworth describes a setting that appears to be ‘wild’ – this word being repeatedly referred to when describing the setting of the poem. The effect this has, is showing how this ‘wild green landscape’ is unaffected by industrialization, and more specifically, the Enclosures Act that prevented some areas of landscape being accessed. This imagery reflects what Coleridge conveyed in ‘The Nightingale’, where the ‘grove is wild’, describing a setting that was perfect for the nightingales to express their song, without the damaging effect mankind had when destroying nature. span Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to supalorlor.

As you may be able to tell by my seemingly never-ending sentences, this was written under timed conditions - so I apologise for the areas where things almost begin to poe writing, lose sense. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to jameskelsall. The Romantic period presented the figure of the child in a notably different way to incident countee cullen, the Classical period that preceded it. The Classical period tended to focus on style, the rational, logical adult and didn’t really consider a child’s view, whereas the Romantic period saw this turned around completely. The Lyrical Ballads placed lots of countee cullen, emphasis on on Plan, the child, and Wordsworth presents the child as important and almost divine, in most cases the incident child was seen to overarch the view of the adult, who was often the figure of the rational classicist. It is however important to realise that Wordsworth was not aware he was writing in a ‘Romantic’ style, similarly the classical poets such as Milton were equally not as aware they were writing in a ‘Classical’ style. Wordsworth simply wrote in a new, refreshed way and the periods of literature were later applied. It could be said that Wordsworth and Coleridge pioneered this new style of writing though their Lyrical Ballads, so understandably, as they wrote differently to the previous poets, it could be said that Wordsworth’s statement that “readers with superior judgement may disapprove” could be easily related to when reading the collection. The first poem that is Essay For Success, useful in exploring the presentation of the figure of the child could be “We are seven.” This poem demonstrates how Wordsworth refuted the classical philologist in favour of the incident countee romantic ideal child. Essay On Plan! Essentially the poem is a conversation between the rational adult and the child about cullen their views of death.

The adult is insistent that the baron von haussman “little maid” is only part of incident cullen, “five” siblings. “Then ye are only five.” However, the child is as equally insistent that they “are seven.” Although the on Plan For Success adult view presented by Wordsworth is incident, indignant in the fact that the othes children are dead, he still weakens the truth through euphemisms. Gothic Elements! “Church yard laid.” However, this is structurally important to the poem as it the child could be seen to incident cullen, be testing the adults’ patience. Indeed, the adult does weaken the truth at the start and even undermines the child by Essay For Success, the word “little” but as the child’s insistence grows, the last stanza says “they’re dead” and the word “dead” is incident cullen, repeated to the little mermaid, echo the adults perception that the other children are no longer living. Ultimately, the child’s view conquers because the poem ends with “Nay master, we are seven.” Whilst the adult ‘loses,’ it is Wordsworth’s romantic ideal view that wins. Countee! Thus, not only does Wordsworth present the dead child as a being with longevity even after the grave, he also presents the child’s view on mortality as overarching to the classical adults view on it. Therefore Wordsworth presents the child figure as extremely important in the sense that their view over powers the rational adult. Another poem that reinforces this view is “Anecdote for Fathers.” Right from the start Wordsworth presents a typical romantic child figure. Movie! “His face is fair and fresh to see” and we are told that “his limbs are cast in beauties mould.” This image is almost divine in the sense that Wordsworth presents the child with an unmatched beauty; the word “mould” suggests that the child has been created in a specific way that epitomises beauty. As the poem goes on, it could be suggested that the child figure is presented as somewhat powerful. At the incident countee end of the and Absolute Moral Judgments poem the adult father figure is shown to have learnt a lesson from the child. “The heart would seldom learn from what I have learnt from countee ye.” As the child has taught the poe writing style rational adult a moral lesson it could be said that the child is incident countee, presented as a powerful figure indeed. However, in the “Idiot Boy,” it may be suggested that the child figure is presented as somewhat different.

As the title states, Wordsworth says the boy is an “idiot.” Although, small hints throughout the Essay For Success poem present the incident countee child figure as slightly intriguing. In Frankenstein! For example, even though “Johnny” is somewhat dense (“he burred” and shook his “bough” and had to be told “how to turn left and incident, right”) “Betty” still “loves” him dearly. Even because of his limited intelligence the the patriot movie review child figure is still portrayed as one whom is incident cullen, dearly loved which may not have strictly been the case in Classical times. Movie Review! However, even though the cullen boy is an idiot he is still portrayed in a way which seems powerful. For example, we read about “Old Susan Gale” and the fact that “as her mind grew worse, he body grew better.” This refers to and Absolute Moral Judgments Essay, the fact that the more she fought about the fate of the idiot boy and his “strange adventures” her illness got better. Incident Countee Cullen! This perhaps shows a restorative power in the child and any ill fate he might be in. Thus, the child is Judgments Essay, again seen as important as he appears to heal Susan Gale, “as if by magic.” Whilst this may be hyperbole by Wordsworth, the fact that he makes the point about the power of the child can’t be ignored. In “The Mad Mother” I would argue that the child is incident countee, very important.

This is because the child is Essay, so important to the extent that Wordsworth presents his mothers life as so dependent on the child’s love. “Oh love me babe, love me.” This perhaps inverts the relationship of a mother and child. Classically, the child would have been dependent on the mother but in this new Romantic style, Wordsworth really presents the importance of the child as the countee cullen babies love is keeping the mother alive. Thus, only by the little, looking at a small number of the Lyrical Ballads to which childhood and “growth of the mind” is a key ingredient, I would suggest that the countee figure of the child is presented of utmost importance by Wordsworth. He presents the gothic elements child figures as having an cullen overarching power almost above their adult counterparts which is andersen, rather a feat in comparison to the previous literary period. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to mrsnoir. The setting is at countee cullen, a wedding where the Marinere is able to stop a guest to gothic in frankenstein, whom he can tell his tale; he stoppeth one of three. It is important that within the poem the cullen Marinere has an audience, as the wedding guest can convey both his and Essay For Success, the Marinere's reactions thoughout; God save thee, ancyent Marinere!

From the fiends that plague thee thus- why look'st thou so? and the Marinere is able to justify this in response through the use of the first person; with my cross bow I shot the albatross. These are also important in order to depict the appearance of the incident cullen Marinere- he holds him with his skinny hand, grey-beard loon, glittering eye; some of the features which entice the wedding guest to listen to his tale further, in order for Coleridge to further tell his own tale to the reader. These descriptions are important to the Marinere and what haunts him at different parts of the Essay tale, as in the end of cullen, part one when it is discovered he shot the albatross. The importance of the review wedding guest is countee cullen, also justified at the very end of the andersen poem, when Coleridge uses the wedding guest to exonerate the moral of his story by linking the last stanza to one written in part five. This is used to show the cullen importance of time passing between when the Marinere tells his tale and the guest rising the poe writing style next morning. As the countee Marinere tells his tale in the first person, it also puts the reader in the position of being the audience- the wedding guest- as they cannot chuse but hear, giving the impression that the the patriot review Marinere has a source of power to be able to hypnotise the incident wedding guest, in a manner of von haussman, speaking, as the wedding guest will not retire and incident countee cullen, the Marinere holds him with his glittering eye. Coleridge uses 'The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere' in order to convey his own love for nature and what was percieved to be most important during the Romantic period he and elements in frankenstein, Wordsworth are considered to have catalysed with this collection. The purpose of the poem is to show how important nature is to those who have not experienced what the Marinere had, such as the incident wedding guest, and portray how nature serves its purpose in protecting humanity. Although the tale the Marinere tells is literal within the poem, it also conveys a hidden perspective that those who are not blessed with the love of the patriot movie, nature are cursed, and countee cullen, there is a void in For Success their lives; echoing with the emptiness and suffering of the Marinere when he is cullen, blown into 'the void' when on ship.

The purpose the poe writing style tale serves to the Marinere is so he is able to release his pain and share the countee cullen morality of the tale with others. The Marinere is evidently haunted by his experience and poe writing style, each time he tells the tale it gives him an oppertunity to incident cullen, release his emotions and realise how thankful he is for the gift of nature and access his love for it. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to willenium. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to gothic in frankenstein, willenium. Both Wordsworth and Coleridge believed in the power of the imagination both used the supernatural to cullen, express this. Movie Review! By close reference to at least three poems or by ranging over incident, the collection as a whole, show how both writers expressed their ideas about imagination supernatural events. span Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to Ed. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to DannyLaSombra. I think I got 17/20 for this.

Wordsworth’s ‘The last of the flock’ gives a different view of childhood, and the children in the poem could be said to the patriot movie, be a burden to the man who has lost his flock, and how social situation has detracted from what is more important, e.g. Cullen! nurturing children. It is, however a pretty ambiguous message because it could be read to suggest that in the man’s distress, he makes bold and shocking statements in his despair, as he utters that he feels cursed that he loves his children less as his flock ‘dwindles’. He does, however in the poem announce that he loves his children as much as his flock. It is, a very human poem, and deals with emotional characteristics of a full grown man, the idea of a man crying is reinforced, as it is mentioned in ‘The Foster Mothers Tale’, ‘he sobbed like a child’ and a fully grown man crying is quite a saddening sentiment, and relates to poe writing, a child’s ability to cry, and to not feel undignified, perhaps to suggest that crying is a natural way of incident, expressing emotion, which is another romantic idea linked to childhood. Two similar views of childhood are given in ‘We are seven’ and ‘anecdote for fathers’ as both children have similar characteristics in their childlike ‘wisdom’ and particularly in ‘we are seven’, we can see the Essay child’s naivety and innocence, especially regarding the death of her siblings. We can also see the simple language being used to represent childlike language, especially in the conventional metre and simplistic lexis, we can find such deceivingly simple language in incident cullen most of his poems, but usage helped to convey a much more profound or complex message. Wordsworth claimed to love asking children questions to hear their answers, and the message lying in the little mermaid andersen ‘Anecdote for Fathers’ was that an adult can learn more from a child, than vice versa. The adults view of death in ‘We are seven’ is quite logical and countee cullen, straightforward compared to the child’s view, which is far more imaginative, as she suggests the dead members of her family still occupy a presence, and Essay on Plan, her determination to prove this allows her to ‘have her will’. The morbid underlying message of death, I feel is countee cullen, paralleled with an existing message that children have a natural understanding of the dead and it allows them not to be as philosophical.

Coleridge had opposing views on childhood to Wordsworth, even though Coleridge’s message in ‘The Foster Mother’s Tale’ seemed to depict that children should be ‘taught’ by nature, as it is a far more romantic ideology than a child taught by Value Pluralism and Absolute Moral, man. Wordsworth’s views in incident countee ‘Anecdote for Fathers’ and Value and Absolute Judgments Essay, ‘We are Seven’ seemed to suggest at a far more spiritual and incident cullen, naturalistic wisdom in children. Children are praised in Lyrical Ballads and and Absolute Moral Judgments, are one of the cullen main symbols in romantic literature because their bond with nature and freedom to explore deeper emotional feelings and ideas allow poets to mermaid, recreate this, perhaps to show how a child’s view drastically differs than an adult’s. Many of the poems touch on countee cullen, childhood, even if they are not a major theme, the final poem ‘Tintern Abbey’ draws upon Wordsworth’s past life as a youth and he reminisces how he frolicked like a ‘ewe’. Overall the idea of childhood is one explored deeply within lyrical ballads and a main theme, corresponding with nature and imagination. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to chrissytina2004. How do Wordsworth and Coleridge explore the theme of childhood and its importance in the Lyrical Ballads? this is a really good essay but i would just like to point out you need to remember that if the questions uses both poets in the patriot movie it then you need to refer to incident cullen, a poem written by both wordsworth and coleridge. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to poe writing, x_LiNk_x. span Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to Ed.

span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to jamieee. span Follow 1 follower 14 badges Send a private message to Kink. Like many of the poems in Lyrical Ballads, ‘The Idiot Boy’ focuses on a boy who is incident countee cullen, not necessarily poor financially, this is not clear, but is baron von haussman, ‘simple’. Being uneducated was thought to incident countee, be a stigma by the higher societies, like being poor, and they took no particular notice of the people who fell under either of these categories. Using the baron ballad form to tell a story, Wordsworth introduces the main character instantly with adjectives like ‘lonely’, which automatically connects the reader to the character.

Wordsworth deliberately makes the reader feel sympathy for the character, I suspect, so the reader empathises and possibly comes to the same conclusion Wordsworth had: ‘poorer’ people were not secondary, and incident, had a voice. Before Wordsworth, the reader would have been less emotionally invested because the language in poetry had not put the emphasis on character – reader connection, ‘Him whom you love, Betty Foy’. Wordsworth’s first person narrative, recalling the story, permits the reader to believe what he has to say. The writer interferes and baron von haussman, interjects his own opinion: his sympathy for the situation, causing the reader to empathise. Countee Cullen! Punctuation is an indication of apprehension in the poet, ‘Oh! Then for that poor idiot boy!’ and the audience becomes aware of the building of tension. Also, the poet includes an extensive amount of speech said by his imagined character, ‘ Cries Betty, “He’ll be back again!” ’ This speech, reported by andersen, the narrator, literally gives the character a voice, again giving more dimension to a person that would not be normally recognised. Wordsworth also attempts to explain through his narrator the sound the ‘idiot boy’ makes, ‘now Johnny’s lips they burr,’ again allowing Wordsworth opinion that the freedom of expression to incident cullen, come through and reach the elements reader.

The introductory stanza written in third person, again gives the cullen impression that Wordsworth is storytelling but unlike The Idiot Boy, it does not include a narrator character allowing him to make personal interjections when he likes. Wordsworth was creative in his shift from third person to first person speech for the second stanza; the rest of the poem gives the character an outlet for all her thoughts, therefore a personal connection to reader from character would be achieved successfully, ‘ But nay, my heart is too glad.’ Wordsworth also gave the character the power to voice her emotions; they are emphasized in gothic elements large amount in the poem. Not only would society find it hard to ignore the poorer classes anymore but also they would be shocked by this confessional speech in Wordsworth’s time. Countee Cullen! ‘ And I am happy when I sing/ Full many a sad and doleful thing.’ The reader would discover the ‘Mad Mother’s’ ability to use imagery throughout the poem; ‘ A fire was once within my brain’. Wordsworth, I suspect, was expressing his opinion that eloquent speech within the lower classes was not impossible; that the poor sometimes had the ability to speak in style an educated fashion and that they should be heard by others. The poet-narrator appears again in ‘We Are Seven’, a long poem reporting on an encounter with a child. Incident Cullen! In this poem, the poet-narrator emerges a symbol of the upper class.

Through the poem, the reader finds that the wisdom of an adult does not necessarily defeat the viewpoint of a child. Coleridge intentionally shows that the child does not always have to be secondary to the adult and gothic elements in frankenstein, happens to be equal. The stubbornness of the child would delight and cullen, shock the reader, ‘Nay, we are seven!’ This was because the reader would have dismissed the child from the patriot introduction as inferior and, against all expectations, the child is challenging the adult. The adult character is as equally belligerent: ‘But they are dead. Those two are dead!’ Coleridge automatically finding the voice for incident cullen, this child against the logical adult, conveys the strength of on Plan, a person not recognised in society and how difficult it is for the upper classes to understand others.

It is in these ways that Wordsworth and incident, Coleridge, men that emerged from poverty, tried to poe writing style, overcome the deafness of the upper classes to the less fortunate. His poems expressed a way of incident countee, life that the lower classes could not do for themselves and also the fact that among the Value and Absolute Judgments Essay poor and simple, there was some people who were voiceless not because they had none but because the upper classes were ignorant. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to paeperpeeple. Conversely though, the theme of incident countee cullen, nature in the poem also reflects some of the ideals of romanticism. The hermit for example represents the romantic ideal of mermaid, a unity and harmony with nature, as expressed through lines such as “he hath a cushion plump: it is the moss, that wholly hides the rotted old Oak-stump” and “he prayeth best who loveth best all things both great and small”. While the two themes of nature and incident cullen, the supernatural may seem like polar opposites, Coleridge demonstrates that the two are mutually non-exclusive. Indeed they are often used in tandem; Coleridge uses the supernatural to explore nature and vice versa. This itself is achieved in a number of baron, ways and is used to countee cullen, achieve a number of possible ends. It seems then that the elements reader receives the story at a remove from the Mariner himself- we are merely observing him recounting a tale to another.

Despite this however, there is no evident transition or punctuation to denote the cullen Mariner’s speech; stanza 12 simply launches into “listen, Stranger! Storm and Wind”, and the only distinction made from the rest of the text is the speech of others such as the Wedding Guest: “‘God save thee, ancyent Marinere!’” Furthermore, as the baron von haussman poem progresses through the surreal content the incident countee cullen interjections from the wedding guest cease, and this separation is no longer present; it is almost as if we had become the wedding guest. This seeming removal (and eventual restoration) of the backdrop of reality, combined with the Pluralism Moral Essay progressively supernatural nature of the incident countee cullen poem, serves to style, make reading the poem almost a journey in itself- the reader becomes steadily more emotionally and incident countee, mentally involved in the mariner’s story, as all semblance of reason and reality seemingly disappears. This then would seem to baron von haussman, reflect the emphasis placed by the romantics on emotion over reason; Coleridge explores the supernatural by incident, taking the the patriot movie review reader with him and removing the frame of reference so that this exploration is not hampered by reason. ‘I never saw aught like to them. Unless perchance it were. The skeletons of incident countee, leaves that lag. My forest brook along’ Another example of this is the Pluralism Judgments ‘wind’ that the incident cullen Mariner experiences at stanza 107- “Its path was not upon the sea, in ripple nor in shade”- an alien experience described in terms which ordinary people might understand.

This device also relates to the use of colloquialisms in the Mariner’s speech, evident in lines such as “ne shapes of men nor beasts we ken”. Von Haussman! This denotation of an incident countee cullen accent seems to evoke the Common Man, a theme prevalent in romanticism, and means that the supernatural is elements, explored in the poem through a medium that readers can relate to, thus rendering the text more accessible. We have a brilliant team of countee cullen, more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to gothic, hang out. 0 new posts Labour WILL scrap TUITION FEES Started by: Spratty Forum: UK politics Replies: 203 Last post: 1 minute ago What is it like commuting to university everyday? Started by: Patrick917HD Forum: Advice on everyday issues Replies: 9 Last post: 1 minute ago Homeschooling help? Started by: TJayyC Forum: GCSEs Replies: 7 Last post: 1 minute ago GIRL 91+9828891153# Love Back By Black Magic molvi ji Started by: molvi106 Forum: Friends, family and work Replies: 0 Last post: 1 minute ago RBS video interview Started by: Samantha303 Forum: Investment banking and consultancy Replies: 38 Last post: 1 minute ago CTAM: Count to a million (Part 16) Started by: spotify95 Forum: Forum games Replies: 5368 Last post: 1 minute ago Logarithms Question Started by: TheMystery Forum: Maths Replies: 4 Last post: 1 minute ago Count To A Million In Words Part 1 Started by: Kyx Forum: Forum games Replies: 604 Last post: 1 minute ago Shy girls talks to other guy Started by: Timothy01 Forum: Relationships Replies: 5 Last post: 1 minute ago INTER CAST @love marriage problem 91-9828891153 [emailprotected] MOLVI JI Started by: molvi106 Forum: Friends, family and work Replies: 0 Last post: 2 minutes ago im leaving tsr HOORAY Started by: Emerald7770 Forum: Chat Replies: 55 Last post: 2 minutes ago Female taking electronic engineering degree Started by: moonlightbae Forum: Engineering Replies: 11 Last post: 2 minutes ago Need help with fing MEI Maths worksheets Started by: BrenChongerZomb Forum: Maths Replies: 0 Last post: 2 minutes ago Rudd changing law regarding internet radicalisation to incident countee cullen, convict more bedroom Islamists Started by: Chakede Forum: News and andersen, current affairs Replies: 9 Last post: 3 minutes ago Girl is incident cullen, nice in person, ignores messages.

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Modern technology is enhancing social life. Technology is indispensable in incident cullen solving modern problems, enhancing social life and ensuring a better future (Diamond 240). Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to reach among others industrial and commercial objectives of an organization or a society. It has cultural, organizational and technical aspects (Freeman and Francisco 142). Technology has become a powerful tool that is being used to Essay on Plan For Success, improve social life and solve human problems like poverty and deceases.

In addition, technology has increased the cullen power of human beings to control and manipulate nature thereby enhancing our ability to adapt to baron von haussman, the environment (Global Scenario Group Report 19). Despite all the benefits of technology, it has negative side effects like unemployment. It is therefore important to assess dangers and promises of a technology in incident countee cullen order to formulate safeguards to the patriot review, eliminate its negative impacts or its misuse. Countee. It is also important to movie review, put limits on some technologies like biotechnology so as to incident countee, harness their full potential without lowering the dignity of human beings (Freeman and Francisco 327). Education has immense impact on a society. It trains the human mind to think and make right decisions. Through education, one acquires knowledge and information which can be used to solve problems like unemployment in a society (Cisco Systems E27). Technology enhances the processes of communication, collaboration and engagement which are fundamental building blocks of education. It supports and enriches students learning experiences. It helps to andersen, deliver learning materials like interactive activities, assessments and cullen, feedbacks to a larger number of students faster and cheaper. In contrast to traditional learning methods which provide only the patriot movie review, two sources of expertise, that is, the textbook and the instructor which are limited in format and countee cullen, timing, online courses can contain voice, data and video which enhance understanding (Cisco Systems E30).

Technology has thus removed geographical barriers to education and improved students’ learning experiences. Technology has facilitated the the patriot movie review formation of global communities through social networks like facebook. Incident. This has fostered social interactions independent of geographical location (Global Scenario Group Report 27). The online communities enable sharing of valuable ideas and information capable of increasing productivity and opportunities in a society. For example, one can post to gothic in frankenstein, a forum to share health and treatment information with other members of the cullen forum from all over the world.

Though this kind of interaction is not physical, people are still able to share their social experiences and values more efficiently with people from diverse backgrounds. Technology has also helped to reduce poverty. Advancement in Pluralism Moral Judgments Essay technology has led to countee cullen, new efficient sources of energy even to poor rural communities. The availability of cheap sources of energy opens up a society to investments and economic activities (Diamond 253). For example, technology has made it possible through genetic engineering to engineer crops that convert solar energy to fuels more efficiently. Governments are thus able to provide cheaper efficient sources of energy even to poor rural communities since solar energy is available virtually anywhere in the world (Freeman and Francisco 307). Genetic engineering can also be used to elements, create plants that produce valuable products like silicon chips for computers efficiently.

This can result in improved income and living standards to members of a society. Technology can therefore bring about social revolution by incident cullen, enriching villages thereby attracting people and wealth from cities (Freeman and Francisco 331). Technology enables farms in remote places to function as part of the global economy. Essay On Plan. Through advancement in technology, agricultural outputs have improved thus ensuring food security. Technology helps farmers to avoid losses caused by natural disasters like drought. For example, a farmer can use a laptop enabled with a Global Positioning System to plant his or her crops with precision and incident countee, efficiency resulting in high harvests. At harvest time, the farmer can use technology to co-ordinate harvesting with the availability of grain a transporter and storage facilities using mobile wireless technology. This can help to reduce losses caused by delays. The grain transporter can monitor the vehicle in-route to maintain the best fuel efficiency and poe writing, safe operation. Incident Countee Cullen. In addition, through technology changes in status can be relayed to the driver of the vehicle instantly (Cisco Systems E34). Essay. Technology has thus improved efficiency and effectiveness in the agricultural sector.

It has enabled societies to have abundant healthy food. Modern technology is also widely used in the entertainment and travel industries. The internet has enabled people to cullen, share and enjoy many forms of recreation, regardless of their location. For example, one can explore different places interactively without having to visit them. Technology has also enabled the creation of new forms of entertainment, such as online games (Cisco Systems E36). Entertainment is important in a society since it reduce stress and problems caused by depression. Fears have been raised about some technologies such as nuclear weapons being used to cause massive destructions in the world (Freeman and Francisco 308). But the global community has the baron ability to enforce controls and limits on technology use to ensure that technology is not misused. A beneficial technology cannot therefore be abandoned when measures can be put in place to shape and direct its use. Moreover, governments in the form of regulatory institutions and professional bodies have the incident countee potential to regulate technologies that are susceptible to on Plan, misuse to ensure that they do not impact negatively on values of the society (Freeman and Francisco 316).

Technology is embedded in all aspects of our society and has extensive implications on culture and social activities. Technology has significantly improved health, agriculture, education, transport and incident countee cullen, communication sectors. These are critical sectors in any society as they contribute to development and improvement of living standards. The Little Mermaid Andersen. Although some technologies might have side effects, measures can be put in place by governments and the international community to ensure that all technologies are used for the benefits of the countee society. Analysis and evaluation. 1.The sources I used are qualified on the subject of technology and its social impacts. Cisco Corporation is a leading and credible technology firm. Its products are widely accepted all over For Success, the world. Incident Cullen. In the Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Report of 2009 the organization outlined its key activities and how they contribute to the social welfare of the community. Cisco also offers certification courses that are very popular world wide. The Cisco Networking Academy Program is a good example of how technology can be used to enhance learning experience.

In the program, the instructor provides a syllabus and establishes a preliminary schedule for completing the course content. The expertise of the the patriot movie instructor is supplemented with an interactive curriculum comprising of countee text, graphics, audio and animations. In addition, a tool called packet tracer is provided to build virtual representations of networks and emulate functions of various networking devices (Cisco Systems E31). Freeman and Francisco in their book give a lot of examples of how technology can be used to enhance social life. Poe Writing Style. They also point out some side effects of modern technology and how they can be addressed. In addition, the publisher of this book, Oxford University Press is a credible publisher and the source can thus be relied on. Some social impacts of the incident modern technology are common in homes and workplaces. For example, the impacts of the internet on poe writing style, commerce are common. Majority of people have embraced electronic commerce and are buying goods and services online from the comfort of their homes. Electronic commerce has thus opened new doors of opportunities that are being exploited in the society.

Diamond in his book explores the rise of civilization, discussing the evolution of agriculture and technology and their impact on the society. He gives clear examples of how technology has improved the social welfare of communities especially through improvements in agricultural production. Incident. Some of the examples he gives are common and can easily be related to what is going around. The Global Scenario Group report is a credible source. Its main sponsors who include Stockholm Environment Institute, Rockefeller Foundation, the Nippon Foundation, and the United Nations Environment Programme are advocacy organizations in review the fields of technology and the environment. The research explored the historical background of technology, the current situation and what the future might look like. It gives clear examples of major scientific discoveries that are driving technology and their potential impacts. If I had adequate time, I would do additional research to find more information on effective measures the international community can take to ensure that technology is incident countee cullen, not misused. I would particularly focus on baron, tools the international community can employ to protect technology from irresponsible individuals like terrorists. Countee. This is the patriot, because technology itself is not bad, but it is the human beings who in countee cullen some cases use it irresponsibly.

Therefore, if correct measures and controls are put in place technology can be used for the benefit of all in the society. This can eliminate fears and most of the baron von haussman side effects of technology. 2a. Technology shapes institutions, values and day to day activities in incident countee cullen our society. It affects identities, relationships, social structures and economic activities (Freeman and elements in frankenstein, Francisco 316). Technology is thus inevitable in the modern world. The internet has enhanced our social, political, commercial and personal interactions enabling us to share information and ideas more efficiently. Technology has significantly improved the quality of education. It has enabled learning materials to reach a larger number of students efficiently and cheaply. An improvement in the quality of education enhances the social life of a community since it enables individuals to make creative decisions capable of solving social problems. Technology has facilitated the formation of online communities were members can share their diverse experiences and ideas.

This has the potential of increasing productivity in a society. In addition, technology has helped to reduce poverty. It has resulted in efficient sources of energy even in rural areas thereby opening up rural areas for investments and developments. Modern technology has also improved efficiency in the agricultural sector therefore ensuring food security. Moreover, I discussed how modern technology has been used in the entertainment and travel industries to incident cullen, create new forms of entertainments like online games.

Finally, I noted that although some technologies have side effects, governments and the international community have the potential to direct and poe writing, control the use of technology for the benefit of the cullen society. 2b.Some of the evidences I used include the Cisco Networking Academy Program which is an example of how technology can be used to improve quality of education. The second evidence is of a farmer using a laptop enabled with a Global Positioning System to plant his crops with precision and efficiency. The example illustrates how technology can be used to improve agricultural production. The third evidence illustrates how genetic engineering can be used to baron von haussman, engineer crops that convert solar energy to fuels more efficiently.

The energy can then be used in the rural areas to create wealth and employment opportunities. Finally, I illustrated how technology has been used in the entertainment and travel industry to create new forms of entertainment like online games. 2c.The major assumption I made is that the international community has the potential to control and direct the use of technology. This is only possible if there is peace and countee, cooperation among all countries of the world. But this is not the on Plan case especially in the Middle East. The instability in incident countee cullen countries like Iran and the existence of extremists have increased fears of technology being used to cause massive destruction. 3.Someone might ague that technology is a problem because we rely on it so much and that although it makes us better it also make us worse.

My position is that in any human community there must be control and order. It is therefore the responsibility of governments to Essay For Success, ensure that the incident countee cullen society is protected from negative effects of technology. Baron Von Haussman. Some people might point out the destructive effects of technology on the environment to ague against it. But if correct measures are put in place we will be able to assess the dangers and promises of any technology in order to formulate effective safeguards against its side effects. Cisco Systems, Inc. Incident. Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Cisco Systems, Inc.

2009. Web. 2009. Diamond, Jared. The Patriot Review. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of countee cullen Human Societies. Style. New York. W.W. Norton. Incident. 1999. Web. Freeman, Chris and von haussman, Francisco Louca.

As Time Goes By: From the Industrial Revolutions to incident cullen, the Information Revolution. England. Oxford University Press. For Success. 2001. Web. Global Scenario Group Report. Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead. Global Scenario Group. Incident. Web. 2002. Haven’t found what you want?

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"Incident" famous poem relevant to Freddie Gray, Baltimore Countee

A for and against essay about the internet. Look at the essay and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. Do the preparation exercise first. Then read the text and do the countee cullen other exercises. What's your opinion? Do you think the internet is bad for young people? For young people it is.

They shoud be surervised while accessing the Value Pluralism Moral Essay internet, because they might find pornographic content, violent content and such. Incident Countee Cullen. Internet, an on Plan For Success invention which still amazes people in is own way, is not always good. It has really bad side effects on young adults. As in the essay, the young people get addicted to online games and they become addicted to the internet quickly. As we can see, there are many more online games being made like Pokemon Go, etc. is really dangerous for young people.

I think it really should have a age limit. And also we must be strict about the rules of age limit on internet too. I#039;m also a young adult but I find internet uninteresting and dangerous so I approve of it having age limits. For YOUNG PEOPLE yes it is. I think Internet is very useful in schools and in work.

It#039;s also handy when you need to communicate. On the other hand a lot of people are addicted from sites like facbook, twitter or instagram. I also agree that learning on the internet (like here ont the british council ;) ) is very usefull . So in conclusion internet is possibly the most usefull thing that we ever invented. :) I agree with all of you, but what about learning how to play a musical instrument? I think internet can be very good for teenagers because it helps them a lot especially for essays, projects and homeworks, but it can be also very bad because children spend too much time online. Cullen. I like internet because I can listen to songs onYouTube and I use British Councile:) Hi BigBen6464. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy practising English here :) Is there anything in particular that you like on Value and Absolute Moral, the site? Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team) Thanks!

I like your reading skills practice, stories about incident UK and the patriot review What is it? in Study Break. British Council really helps me with my vocabulary. Countee Cullen. I love it! I think the internet is an amazing tool which can be used for equally amazing things, but only in the hands of the right person. One bad aspect of internet is that anyone could acess anything anytime. That means there is a lot of inappropriate content out there, but a good person is able to avoid it. In my opinion, though internet is very good and von haussman useful, but some young people use it for bad things. Such as playing computer games and get addict with it. Many parents has banned the children not allowed to incident play forever,1 week or a day or so. But they never keep their word because, of poe writing style course, parents love their kids, that is cullen why after just a while,they let their children play AGAIN with their games, so really though, I think internet is useful with good children,and it is baron von haussman bad with bad children.

I totaly agree. Countee Cullen. It all depends from parents. If they let children to style spend too much time online children will get a bad habit when they grow up. You#039;re quite right! I agree with your good comment in point: #039;I think internet is useful with good children, and it is bad with bad children#039;. !! :) In my opinion, Internet is one of the incident countee greatest people created. You have an access to billions of libraries from your computer, you are able to speak with your friends even if they are on the other side of the world.

Many people work using the Internet. Essay. Now let#039;s mention disadvantages of the incident Internet and web-technologies. Firstly, many people nowadays become addicted and can#039;t survive for more than an hour without computer or smartphone. The Little Andersen. They need to countee cullen publish their photos in Value Pluralism and Absolute Judgments social networks, chat with 7 people in incident countee one moment and read new posts in their favourite online communities. Young people sometimes find their online-life better than the the patriot review real one. The second disadvantage is that nobody can guarantee the safety of your personal data. Everyone has heard stories about hackers that published private and scandal photos of data base of the big company. It#039;s not really pleasant to know that somebody can easily find out all your secrets. To sum up, Internrt is a wonderful tool for searching the necessary information, but social networks is quite tricky part of World Wide Web.

I think the internet very useful for incident countee cullen, us .bcz we can get anything without spend alot of time in looking it . On Plan. everything when we use it excessively and more than usually #039;it will be badthing. Well, we must admit that on this perfectly imperfect planet nothing entirely good or entirely bad exists. Internet is included. Incident. Surely it was meant for connecting people from mermaid andersen, all continents, but as the human mind has no border line we found out how to use it for incident cullen, different things that provide us either with information or amusement. It is said that the Internet is a good servant but a bad master.

Therefore, we can see that the problem isn#039;t in the Internet itself but rather in the humans, as it is us who are using it and who are asked FOR WHAT we are using it. So for our irresponsibility we shouldn#039;t blame the Internet but ourselves as we are unable to on Plan For Success use a powerful tool for our own improvement but we use it for incident, our own unwanted degradation. Style. I think that#039;s quite right!! Nowadays, Internet has been the most important thing in mutimedia life. Personally, l consider that the internet is bad or not,which depends on users. I think the Internet is something that we have to know, and we should know what is good and bad for us, and keep ourselves away from what can damage ourselves in any way. Cullen. I think it is the same for young people, we have to be responsible, because the Internet is a tool that helps us either with the school, or with any ordinary situation. Essay. i think internet is useful for everyone.

If it was a bad thing, something awful, it would have changed instead of reaching the whole world. Cullen. Is something crazy, used 24hrs a day, everyday of the week, a lot of information, and a lot of people online. About teenagers who are addicted to games, that depends on each family. The Patriot Movie. Parents could create rules, so no one would be in a bad position. And that also depends on the teenager#039;s sense of what he or she can or can#039;t do. It#039;s impossible to live without internet in cullen a society like nowdays, it#039;s just so easy to review make a research, work on a project. Countee. c#039;mon, does anyone here wants to spend hours and hours looking for few informations? Internet is useful for everyone, for young and old people.

There#039;s a lot of sites that can help us a lot. But, today Internet ha gone too far away. Von Haussman. Almost, there#039;s no home without the internet(more than 70% in whole world are with internet). Yes, there are a good and a bad sites on the Internet. We have different web-sites(Facebook,Tumlr, Twitter, Instagram. ) that shows us a different world. Incident. We can learn a lot of the patriot movie review things (English, French. ) and incident a lot of other things. But we all know that Internet isn#039;t so much safe.Even if we think that we have good hide it our information, we don#039;t. There#039;s a lot of dangerous people in the world.

To sum up, I completely agree with essay. No, i don`t thing internet bad for young people, because there is Value Moral Essay many information in the internet. In my opinion, I dont think Internet is bad for people. Incident. Without the style Internet, I cannot learn language (English) by myself and I wouldn#039;t be able to access to lots of useful information that school doesn#039;t teach me. On the incident countee other hand, internet is baron bad only when people dont know how to use it wisely. If young people use the Internet for studying and relaxing in countee proper way, internet would be very useful. To me, the internet#039;s the most wonderful tool that human had created. In my own perspective, the Internet plays an important role in the communicating barrier. As you can see, people all around the world are using the Internet, including the elderly. Style. We communicate with each other using the internet and it really helps us to stay connected with one another. Countee Cullen. Besides, without the internet, how are the countries going to develop?

Our knowledge and the view to the outside world, the perspective to the outside of movie review our comfort zone will be just limited, like a frog in the well. Incident Cullen. So, why not? The internet is the best connection between an individual to the whole wide world. It#039;s definitely a boon. Moral Judgments Essay. Internet is very usefull for us. Internet is particularly useful for incident countee, everyone, nearly all things are on Value Pluralism and Absolute Moral Judgments, the internet, you can get anything by only searching on it. Internet seems becoming really important nowadays, it helps people a lot, for example i use internet for incident countee, learning English, reading news and doing research for my tasks. However, internet also can give many bad effects, people become so fanatical on social media and often forget about time and everything they should do. I completely disagree that internet is bad for mermaid andersen, teenagers, internet can be useful or useless, it depends on the way people use the internet.

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"Incident" famous poem relevant to Freddie Gray, Baltimore Countee

Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for incident countee cullen, Managers. (This guide is located at on the Web.) The profession of business ethics has long needed a highly practical resource that is designed particularly for leaders and managers -- those people charged to ensure ethical practices in their organizations. Unfortunately, far too many resources about business ethics end up being designed primarily for movie review, philosophers, academics and social critics. Incident Countee Cullen? As a result, leaders and baron von haussman, managers struggle to really be able to make use of the incident countee, resources at andersen all. Also, far too many resources about business ethics contain sensationalistic stories about businesses gone bad or prolonged preaching to businesses to do the right thing. These resources often explore simplistic ethical questions, such as Should Jane steal from the company? The real world of leaders and managers is often much more complex than that. This guide is a straightforward and highly practical tool designed to help leaders and managers implement comprehensive ethics management systems in cullen, their workplaces -- systems to the little mermaid andersen, deal with the complex, ethical issues that can occur in the day-to-day realities of leading and managing an organization.

This free guidebook is about 20 pages long (8 1/2 x 11 pages). If you are reading the document on the World Wide Web, please wait until the document is fully loaded before attempting to link to its sections listed below. The best approach to countee cullen, using this guidebook may be to print it out for ongoing reference. The Free Management Library provides additional information about ethics and a great range of elements in frankenstein, other free information about management. For a complete list of incident, library topics, see The author, Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability for accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information from this guide.

Another Tool to Effectively Infuse Ethical Principles: If you are planning to infuse strong, ethical principles throughout your company or want to change the baron von haussman, culture of your company, then you might take the advice of Bob Kniffin, Vice President of External Affairs, at Johnson and Johnson (JJ) company. The way that JJ handled an incident countee ethical issue (the Tylenol scare crisis) in the 1980s is probably one of the most inspiring and on Plan, enlightening examples of how to successfully deal with a major ethical issue in countee cullen, business. Kniffin was one of the the patriot movie review, key players in helping JJ to handle the incident, crisis so effectively. Kniffin said that it was not the the patriot review, JJ Credo (a form of a code of ethics) that helped JJ to handle the crisis so well. Rather, it was the countee cullen, ongoing challenge sessions that the company regularly held in order for each person to mermaid, clarify their own perspective and commitment to the JJ Credo. Authenticity Consulting's peer coaching groups are a powerful, yet straightforward, means to organize, facilitate and evaluate challenge sessions. For more information about the peer coaching groups, go to our publications site ( and consider the incident cullen, Program Planning Kit. · This free guidebook aims to fill a large void of practical, realistic ethics information for leaders and managers, whether nonprofit or for-profit. · This guidebook takes about two hours to read.

It is Value Pluralism, concisely written and well organized as a step-by-step guidebook for handy reference. · This guidebook is free in order to countee cullen, make its contents highly accessible to organizations , particularly those with limited resources. The free nature of this document does not in any way indicate that its content are of low value -- high fees and baron von haussman, impressive presentation do not necessarily imply high value. · The author hopes the countee cullen, online form of Value Pluralism and Absolute Moral, this document remains a dynamic community resource that is continually modified and improved by feedback, particularly from leaders and managers -- those people in cullen, the trenches who are charged with applying business ethics techniques in the workplace. Particular Thanks! goes to Twin Cities-based consultants, Doug Wallace and Jon Pekel, of the Fulcrum Group (651-714-9033; e-mail at gothic, for contributing key information to this document. I have referenced their copyright where I included their key materials in incident countee cullen, this guidebook.

Document Fills a Void of Practical Business Ethics Information for Leaders and Managers. Current Literature is Focused on Needs of Philosophers, Academics and Social Critics -- Leaders and Managers Require More Practical Information About Managing Ethics. Managing ethics in the workplace holds tremendous benefit for the little andersen, leaders and countee, managers, benefits both moral and practical. Essay On Plan For Success? This is particularly true today when it is critical to understand and manage highly diverse values in incident, the workplace. But it isn't from lack of examples that managers aren't better at managing ethics in the workplace -- they require more practical information about managing ethics. This problem was explained very well by Stark in his article, What's the Matter with Business Ethics? published in the Harvard Business Review (1993, May/June, pp. 38-48). Brenner (Journal of gothic elements, Business Ethics, V11, pp.

391:399) notes while much has been written about individual components of ethics programs, especially about codes of ethics, the incident cullen, literature is review, much more limited on ethics programs. Wong and Beckman (Journal of Business Ethics, V11, pp. 173-178) note that researchers are claiming that current literature is filled with strong arguments for more ethical corporate leadership and incident countee cullen, incorporation of ethics in business curriculum, but what is conspicuously missing is the how to in actually putting ethical goals and theories into practical action. Lack of involvement from leaders and Pluralism and Absolute Judgments, managers in the field of countee cullen, business ethics (again, this is the fault of no one or of everyone) has spawned a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding among leaders and managers about business ethics. McDonald and Zepp, in their article What Should Be Done? A Practical Approach to Business Ethics (Management Decision, 28, 1, 1990, pp. 9-13), note that when someone brings up the For Success, topic of business ethics . it tends to bring up cynicism, righteousness, paranoia, and laughter.

Many leaders and managers believe business ethics is religion because it seems to contain a great deal of preaching. Or, they believe it to countee cullen, be superfluous because it seems to merely assert the obvious: do good! Stark notes that often ethicists advance a kind of in frankenstein, moral absolutism that avoids many of the difficult and incident cullen, most interesting questions. Case studies to explore ethical dilemmas are often far too simplistic, presented as if every real-life situation has a right and wrong e.g., should I lie, cheat or steal? Consequently, many managers believe business ethics is irrelevant because too much business ethics training avoids the real-to-life complexities in leading organizations. (This document contains samples of real-to-life, complex ethical dilemmas, in a subsection, Examples of the little andersen, Real-to-Life Complex Ethical Dilemmas in the upcoming section Ethics Tools: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas.) Bob Dunn, President and CEO of San Francisco-based Business for Social Responsibility, explains, Ethical decisions aren't as easy as they used to be. Now, they're the difference between right -- and right. Preston Townley, in incident countee cullen, his speech Business Ethics: Commitment to Tough Decisions (Vital Speeches, January 1992, pp.

208-211), states that . The Patriot Review? it ought to be fairly easy to countee cullen, choose between right and wrong by relying on principles, but business activity often demands that we select from alternatives that are neither wholly right or wholly wrong. Simply put, ethics involves learning what is andersen, right or wrong, and then doing the right thing -- but the right thing is not nearly as straightforward as conveyed in a great deal of business ethics literature. Most ethical dilemmas in the workplace are not simply a matter of Should Bob steal from Jack? or Should Jack lie to his boss? (Many ethicists assert there's always a right thing to do based on moral principle, and others believe the right thing to do depends on countee, the situation -- ultimately it's up to the individual.) Many philosophers consider ethics to Pluralism Judgments, be the science of incident countee, conduct. Twin Cities consultants Doug Wallace and John Pekel (of the Twin Cities-based Fulcrum Group; 651-714-9033; e-mail at explain that ethics includes the fundamental ground rules by which we live our lives. Philosophers have been discussing ethics for at least 2500 years, since the time of gothic elements in frankenstein, Socrates and incident cullen, Plato. Many ethicists consider emerging ethical beliefs to be state of the art legal matters, i.e., what becomes an ethical guideline today is often translated to a law, regulation or rule tomorrow. The Patriot Movie? Values which guide how we ought to behave are considered moral values, e.g., values such as respect, honesty, fairness, responsibility, etc. Statements around how these values are applied are sometimes called moral or ethical principles. The concept has come to mean various things to various people, but generally it's coming to know what it right or wrong in the workplace and doing what's right -- this is in regard to effects of products/services and in relationships with stakeholders. Wallace and Pekel explain that attention to incident countee, business ethics is critical during times of fundamental change -- times much like those faced now by businesses, both nonprofit or for-profit.

In times of fundamental change, values that were previously taken for granted are now strongly questioned. Many of these values are no longer followed. Consequently, there is no clear moral compass to guide leaders through complex dilemmas about what is right or wrong. Attention to ethics in the workplace sensitizes leaders and staff to how they should act. Perhaps most important, attention to ethics in the workplaces helps ensure that when leaders and managers are struggling in times of crises and confusion, they retain a strong moral compass. However, attention to business ethics provides numerous other benefits, as well (these benefits are listed later in this document). Two Broad Areas of Business Ethics. 1. Managerial mischief.Madsen and Shafritz, in their book Essentials of Business Ethics (Penguin Books, 1990) further explain that managerial mischief includes illegal, unethical, or questionable practices of individual managers or organizations, as well as the causes of such behaviors and remedies to eradicate them.

There has been a great deal written about managerial mischief, leading many to poe writing, believe that business ethics is merely a matter of incident cullen, preaching the basics of what is right and wrong. More often, though, business ethics is a matter of dealing with dilemmas that have no clear indication of what is Value and Absolute, right or wrong. 2. Moral mazes. Incident Countee? The other broad area of business ethics is moral mazes of management and includes the numerous ethical problems that managers must deal with on baron, a daily basis, such as potential conflicts of interest, wrongful use of resources, mismanagement of incident, contracts and agreements, etc. Business Ethics is Now a Management Discipline. Business ethics has come to mermaid andersen, be considered a management discipline, especially since the birth of the social responsibility movement in the 1960s. Incident Cullen? In that decade, social awareness movements raised expectations of businesses to gothic, use their massive financial and social influence to address social problems such as poverty, crime, environmental protection, equal rights, public health and improving education.

An increasing number of people asserted that because businesses were making a profit from using our country's resources, these businesses owed it to our country to work to improve society. Many researchers, business schools and managers have recognized this broader constituency, and in their planning and incident, operations have replaced the word stockholder with stakeholder, meaning to include employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. Business ethics in the workplace is about prioritizing moral values for the workplace and ensuring behaviors are aligned with those values -- it's values management. Yet, myths abound about business ethics. Some of these myths arise from general confusion about the notion of ethics. Other myths arise from narrow or simplistic views of ethical dilemmas. 1. Myth: Business ethics is more a matter of religion than management. Diane Kirrane, in style, Managing Values: A Systematic Approach to Business Ethics, (Training and Development Journal, November 1990), asserts that altering people's values or souls isn't the aim of an organizational ethics program -- managing values and conflict among them is . 2. Myth: Our employees are ethical so we don't need attention to business ethics. Most of the ethical dilemmas faced by managers in incident countee, the workplace are highly complex. Wallace explains that one knows when they have a significant ethical conflict when there is baron von haussman, presence of a) significant value conflicts among differing interests, b) real alternatives that are equality justifiable, and c) significant consequences on stakeholders in the situation. Kirrane mentions that when the topic of business ethics comes up, people are quick to speak of the Golden Rule, honesty and courtesy.

But when presented with complex ethical dilemmas, most people realize there's a wide gray area when trying to incident countee cullen, apply ethical principles. 3. Myth: Business ethics is a discipline best led by philosophers, academics and theologians. Lack of involvement of leaders and managers in business ethics literature and discussions has led many to Moral, believe that business ethics is a fad or movement, having little to do with the day-to-day realities of incident countee, running an mermaid organization. They believe business ethics is primarily a complex philosophical debate or a religion. However, business ethics is a management discipline with a programmatic approach that includes several practical tools. Ethics management programs have practical applications in other areas of management areas, as well. Incident Countee Cullen? (These applications are listed later on in this document.) 4. Essay? Myth: Business ethics is superfluous -- it only cullen asserts the obvious: do good! Many people react that codes of ethics, or lists of ethical values to movie, which the organization aspires, are rather superfluous because they represent values to which everyone should naturally aspire.

However, the value of a codes of ethics to incident, an organization is its priority and focus regarding certain ethical values in that workplace. For example, it#146;s obvious that all people should be honest. However, if an organization is struggling around continuing occasions of deceit in the workplace, a priority on honesty is the little mermaid, very timely -- and honesty should be listed in that organization#146;s code of ethics. Note that a code of incident countee cullen, ethics is an organic instrument that changes with the needs of society and the organization. 5. Myth: Business ethics is a matter of the good guys preaching to the bad guys.

Some writers do seem to claim a moral high ground while lamenting the poor condition of business and its leaders. However, those people well versed in managing organizations realize that good people can take bad actions, particularly when stressed or confused. (Stress or confusion are not excuses for unethical actions -- they are reasons.) Managing ethics in the workplace includes all of us working together to help each other remain ethical and to work through confusing and stressful ethical dilemmas. 6. Myth: Business ethics in the new policeperson on the block. Many believe business ethics is poe writing style, a recent phenomenon because of increased attention to the topic in popular and management literature. Incident Countee Cullen? However, business ethics was written about even 2,000 years ago -- at least since Cicero wrote about the topic in his On Duties.

Business ethics has gotten more attention recently because of the social responsibility movement that started in the 1960s. 7. Gothic Elements? Myth: Ethics can't be managed. Actually, ethics is always managed -- but, too often, indirectly. For example, the behavior of the organization's founder or current leader is a strong moral influence, or directive if you will, on behavior or employees in incident countee cullen, the workplace. Strategic priorities (profit maximization, expanding marketshare, cutting costs, etc.) can be very strong influences on morality. Laws, regulations and rules directly influence behaviors to be more ethical, usually in a manner that improves the Pluralism and Absolute Moral Judgments Essay, general good and/or minimizes harm to the community. Incident Countee Cullen? Some are still skeptical about business ethics, believing you can't manage values in an organization. Donaldson and Davis (Management Decision, V28, N6) note that management, after all, is a value system.

Skeptics might consider the von haussman, tremendous influence of incident countee cullen, several codes of ethics, such as the 10 Commandments in Christian religions or the U.S. Constitution. Codes can be very powerful in smaller organizations as well. 8. Judgments Essay? Myth: Business ethics and incident countee cullen, social responsibility are the same thing. The social responsibility movement is one aspect of the overall discipline of business ethics. Madsen and Shafritz refine the definition of business ethics to be: 1) an application of ethics to the corporate community, 2) a way to determine responsibility in business dealings, 3) the identification of important business and social issues, and 4) a critique of business. Items 3 and 4 are often matters of social responsibility. (There has been a great deal of baron, public discussion and writing about countee cullen items 3 and 4. However, there needs to be more written about items 1 and 2, about For Success how business ethics can be managed.) Writings about social responsibility often do not address practical matters of managing ethics in the workplace, e.g., developing codes, updating polices and procedures, approaches to resolving ethical dilemmas, etc. 9. Myth: Our organization is countee cullen, not in trouble with the style, law, so we're ethical. One can often be unethical, yet operate within the limits of the law, e.g., withhold information from superiors, fudge on incident, budgets, constantly complain about others, etc.

However, breaking the Essay, law often starts with unethical behavior that has gone unnoticed. The boil the frog phenomena is a useful parable here: If you put a frog in hot water, it immediately jumps out. If you put a frog in cool water and slowly heat up the water, you can eventually boil the frog. The frog doesn't seem to notice the adverse change in its environment. 10. Myth: Managing ethics in the workplace has little practical relevance. Managing ethics in the workplace involves identifying and prioritizing values to guide behaviors in incident countee cullen, the organization, and establishing associated policies and procedures to von haussman, ensure those behaviors are conducted. One might call this values management. Values management is also highly important in other management practices, e.g., managing diversity, Total Quality Management and strategic planning. 10 Benefits of Managing Ethics in the Workplace. Many people are used to reading or hearing of the moral benefits of attention to business ethics.

However, there are other types of countee cullen, benefits, as well. Movie Review? The following list describes various types of benefits from managing ethics in the workplace. 1. Attention to business ethics has substantially improved society. A matter of decades ago, children in our country worked 16-hour days. Workers#146; limbs were torn off and disabled workers were condemned to poverty and often to starvation. Trusts controlled some markets to the extent that prices were fixed and small businesses choked out. Price fixing crippled normal market forces. Employees were terminated based on personalities. Influence was applied through intimidation and harassment. Then society reacted and demanded that businesses place high value on fairness and equal rights.

Anti-trust laws were instituted. Government agencies were established. Unions were organized. Laws and regulations were established. 2. Incident? Ethics programs help maintain a moral course in turbulent times. As noted earlier in this document, Wallace and Pekel explain that attention to business ethics is critical during times of fundamental change -- times much like those faced now by businesses, both nonprofit or for-profit. During times of change, there is style, often no clear moral compass to guide leaders through complex conflicts about what is right or wrong. Continuing attention to ethics in the workplace sensitizes leaders and staff to how they want to countee cullen, act -- consistently.

3. Judgments? Ethics programs cultivate strong teamwork and productivity. Ethics programs align employee behaviors with those top priority ethical values preferred by leaders of the organization. Usually, an organization finds surprising disparity between its preferred values and the values actually reflected by behaviors in incident, the workplace. Ongoing attention and style, dialogue regarding values in incident cullen, the workplace builds openness, integrity and community -- critical ingredients of strong teams in the workplace. Employees feel strong alignment between their values and those of the organization. They react with strong motivation and performance. 4. Ethics programs support employee growth and meaning. Attention to ethics in the workplace helps employees face reality, both good and poe writing style, bad -- in the organization and themselves.

Employees feel full confidence they can admit and deal with whatever comes their way. Bennett, in his article Unethical Behavior, Stress Appear Linked (Wall Street Journal, April 11, 1991, p. B1), explained that a consulting company tested a range of executives and managers. Their most striking finding: the more emotionally healthy executives, as measured on a battery of tests, the more likely they were to cullen, score high on ethics tests. 5. Ethics programs are an insurance policy -- they help ensure that policies are legal. There is an increasing number of Essay For Success, lawsuits in regard to personnel matters and to effects of an countee organization#146;s services or products on stakeholders. The Little Mermaid Andersen? As mentioned earlier in this document, ethical principles are often state-of-the-art legal matters. These principles are often applied to incident, current, major ethical issues to become legislation. Gothic In Frankenstein? Attention to ethics ensures highly ethical policies and procedures in the workplace.

It#146;s far better to incur the cost of mechanisms to ensure ethical practices now than to countee cullen, incur costs of litigation later. A major intent of well-designed personnel policies is to ensure ethical treatment of employees, e.g., in matters of hiring, evaluating, disciplining, firing, etc. Drake and Drake (California Management Review, V16, pp. 107-123) note that #147;an employer can be subject to poe writing style, suit for breach of contract for failure to comply with any promise it made, so the gap between stated corporate culture and actual practice has significant legal, as well as ethical implications.#148; 6. Ethics programs help avoid criminal acts #147;of omission#148; and countee, can lower fines. Ethics programs tend to detect ethical issues and violations early on so they can be reported or addressed. In some cases, when an baron von haussman organization is aware of an actual or potential violation and does not report it to the appropriate authorities, this can be considered a criminal act, e.g., in business dealings with certain government agencies, such as the Defense Department.

The recent Federal Sentencing Guidelines specify major penalties for various types of major ethics violations. However, the incident countee cullen, guidelines potentially lowers fines if an organization has clearly made an effort to operate ethically. 7. Ethics programs help manage values associated with quality management, strategic planning and diversity management -- this benefit needs far more attention. Ethics programs identify preferred values and ensuring organizational behaviors are aligned with those values. This effort includes recording the values, developing policies and procedures to baron von haussman, align behaviors with preferred values, and then training all personnel about the policies and procedures.

This overall effort is countee cullen, very useful for the patriot review, several other programs in the workplace that require behaviors to be aligned with values, including quality management, strategic planning and countee, diversity management. Gothic In Frankenstein? Total Quality Management includes high priority on certain operating values, e.g., trust among stakeholders, performance, reliability, measurement, and feedback. Eastman and Polaroid use ethics tools in their quality programs to ensure integrity in their relationships with stakeholders. Ethics management techniques are highly useful for managing strategic values, e.g., expand marketshare, reduce costs, etc. McDonnell Douglas integrates their ethics programs into their strategic planning process.

Ethics management programs are also useful in managing diversity. Diversity is cullen, much more than the color of people#146;s skin -- it#146;s acknowledging different values and perspectives. Diversity programs require recognizing and applying diverse values and perspectives -- these activities are the basis of a sound ethics management program. 8. Ethics programs promote a strong public image. Attention to ethics is Essay, also strong public relations -- admittedly, managing ethics should not be done primarily for reasons of countee, public relations. Von Haussman? But, frankly, the fact that an incident cullen organization regularly gives attention to its ethics can portray a strong positive to the public. People see those organizations as valuing people more than profit, as striving to operate with the utmost of integrity and movie review, honor. Aligning behavior with values is incident cullen, critical to Essay For Success, effective marketing and public relations programs.

Consider how Johnson and Johnson handled the Tylenol crisis versus how Exxon handled the oil spill in incident cullen, Alaska. Bob Dunn, President and CEO of San Francisco-based Business for Social Responsibility, puts it best: #147;Ethical values, consistently applied, are the cornerstones in building a commercially successful and socially responsible business.#148; 9. Overall benefits of andersen, ethics programs: Donaldson and Davis, in #147;Business Ethics? Yes, But What Can it Do for the Bottom Line?#148; (Management Decision, V28, N6, 1990) explain that managing ethical values in the workplace legitimizes managerial actions, strengthens the coherence and balance of the organization#146;s culture, improves trust in relationships between individuals and groups, supports greater consistency in standards and qualities of products, and cultivates greater sensitivity to incident, the impact of the enterprise#146;s values and messages. 10.

Last - and most -- formal attention to poe writing, ethics in the workplace is the right thing to countee, do. One Description of mermaid andersen, a Highly Ethical Organization. Mark Pastin, in The Hard Problems of Management: Gaining the Ethics Edge (Jossey-Bass, 1986), provides the incident countee, following four principles for highly ethical organizations: 1. Essay For Success? They are at ease interacting with diverse internal and external stakeholder groups. Countee? The groundrules of these firms make the good of these stakeholder groups part of the organizations' own good.

2. They are obsessed with fairness. Their groundrules emphasize that the other persons' interests count as much as their own. 3. Responsibility is individual rather than collective, with individuals assuming personal responsibility for actions of the organization. These organizations' groundrules mandate that individuals are responsible to themselves. 4. They see their activities in terms of purpose. Review? This purpose is a way of operating that members of the organization highly value. And purpose ties the organization to its environment. 1. Incident? There exists a clear vision and picture of integrity throughout the organization. 2. The vision is andersen, owned and embodied by top management, over time. 3. The reward system is aligned with the vision of countee, integrity. 4. Policies and practices of the organization are aligned with the vision; no mixed messages.

5. It is understood that every significant management decision has ethical value dimensions. 6. Everyone is expected to work through conflicting-stakeholder value perspectives. Ethics Management Programs: An Overview. About Ethics Management Programs Organizations can manage ethics in their workplaces by establishing an ethics management program. Brian Schrag, Executive Secretary of the Association for poe writing, Practical and Professional Ethics, clarifies.

Typically, ethics programs convey corporate values, often using codes and policies to guide decisions and behavior, and can include extensive training and evaluating, depending on the organization. They provide guidance in ethical dilemmas. Incident Countee? Rarely are two programs alike. Benefits of Managing Ethics as a Program. There are numerous benefits in formally managing ethics as a program, rather than as a one-shot effort when it appears to be needed. Ethics programs: · Establish organizational roles to manage ethics. · Schedule ongoing assessment of ethics requirements. · Establish required operating values and behaviors. · Align organizational behaviors with operating values.

· Develop awareness and elements in frankenstein, sensitivity to ethical issues. · Integrate ethical guidelines to decision making. · Structure mechanisms to resolving ethical dilemmas. · Facilitate ongoing evaluation and updates to the program. · Help convince employees that attention to cullen, ethics is not just a knee-jerk reaction done to get out of trouble or improve public image. 8 Guidelines for elements, Managing Ethics in cullen, the Workplace.

The following guidelines ensure the Value and Absolute Essay, ethics management program is incident cullen, operated in a meaningful fashion: 1. Gothic? Recognize that managing ethics is a process. Ethics is a matter of values and associated behaviors. Values are discerned through the process of ongoing reflection. Therefore, ethics programs may seem more process-oriented than most management practices. Managers tend to be skeptical of process-oriented activities, and instead prefer processes focused on deliverables with measurements.

However, experienced managers realize that the deliverables of standard management practices (planning, organizing, motivating, controlling) are only tangible representations of very process-oriented practices. Cullen? For example, the process of strategic planning is much more important than the poe writing style, plan produced by the process. The same is true for cullen, ethics management. Ethics programs do produce deliverables, e.g., codes, policies and gothic elements in frankenstein, procedures, budget items, meeting minutes, authorization forms, newsletters, etc. However, the most important aspect from an countee ethics management program is the process of reflection and dialogue that produces these deliverables. 2. The bottom line of an ethics program is accomplishing preferred behaviors in the workplace. As with any management practice, the most important outcome is behaviors preferred by poe writing, the organization. The best of ethical values and intentions are relatively meaningless unless they generate fair and just behaviors in the workplace. That's why practices that generate lists of incident, ethical values, or codes of ethics, must also generate policies, procedures and training that translate those values to appropriate behaviors. 3. Von Haussman? The best way to countee, handle ethical dilemmas is to avoid their occurrence in the first place. That's why practices such as developing codes of ethics and codes of conduct are so important.

Their development sensitizes employees to ethical considerations and minimize the chances of unethical behavior occurring in the first place. 4. On Plan For Success? Make ethics decisions in groups, and make decisions public, as appropriate. This usually produces better quality decisions by incident cullen, including diverse interests and Essay on Plan, perspectives, and increases the cullen, credibility of the decision process and movie review, outcome by reducing suspicion of unfair bias. 5. Integrate ethics management with other management practices. When developing the values statement during strategic planning, include ethical values preferred in the workplace. When developing personnel policies, reflect on what ethical values you'd like to be most prominent in the organization's culture and incident, then design policies to produce these behaviors. 6. Use cross-functional teams when developing and style, implementing the ethics management program. It#146;s vital that the countee, organization#146;s employees feel a sense of participation and ownership in the program if they are to the patriot review, adhere to its ethical values.

Therefore, include employees in developing and incident countee, operating the poe writing style, program. 7. Incident Countee Cullen? Value forgiveness. This may sound rather religious or preachy to Value and Absolute Moral Judgments Essay, some, but it#146;s probably the countee cullen, most important component of any management practice. An ethics management program may at first actually increase the number of ethical issues to be dealt with because people are more sensitive to their occurrence. Consequently, there may be more occasions to gothic in frankenstein, address people#146;s unethical behavior. The most important ingredient for remaining ethical is trying to be ethical.

Therefore, help people recognize and address their mistakes and then support them to incident, continue to elements, try operate ethically. 8. Note that trying to operate ethically and incident countee cullen, making a few mistakes is better than not trying at all. Some organizations have become widely known as operating in a highly ethical manner, e.g., Ben and Jerrys, Johnson and Johnson, Aveda, Hewlett Packard, etc. Baron? Unfortunately, it seems that when an organization achieves this strong public image, it's placed on a pedestal by some business ethics writers. All organizations are comprised of people and people are not perfect. Cullen? However, when a mistake is made by any of these organizations, the organization has a long way to fall. In our increasingly critical society, these organizations are accused of being hypocritical and elements in frankenstein, they are soon pilloried by social critics. Consequently, some leaders may fear sticking their necks out publicly to announce an ethics management program.

This is extremely unfortunate. It's the trying that counts and brings peace of incident cullen, mind -- not achieving an heroic status in society. 6 Key Roles and Responsibilities in Pluralism, Ethics Management. Depending on the size of the organization, certain roles may prove useful in managing ethics in the workplace. These can be full-time roles or part-time functions assumed by someone already in the organization. Incident Cullen? Small organizations certainly will not have the resources to implement each the following roles using different people in the organization. However, the following functions points out responsibilities that should be included somewhere in the organization. 1. The organization's chief executive must fully support the program. If the chief executive isn't fully behind the program, employees will certainly notice -- and this apparent hypocrisy may cause such cynicism that the Essay on Plan For Success, organization may be worse off than having no formal ethics program at all. Therefore, the chief executive should announce the program, and countee, champion its development and implementation. Most important, the chief executive should consistently aspire to gothic elements, lead in an ethical manner.

If a mistake is made, admit it. 2. Countee? Consider establishing an ethics committee at gothic the board level. The committee would be charged to oversee development and incident countee cullen, operation of the ethics management program. 3. Consider establishing an elements ethics management committee. It would be charged with implementing and administrating an ethics management program, including administrating and training about policies and countee, procedures, and Value Pluralism and Absolute Moral Judgments, resolving ethical dilemmas. The committee should be comprised of senior officers.

4. Consider assigning/developing an ethics officer. This role is becoming more common, particularly in larger and more progressive organizations. The ethics officer is usually trained about matters of ethics in the workplace, particularly about resolving ethical dilemmas. 5. Consider establishing an ombudsperson. The ombudsperson is responsible to help coordinate development of the policies and countee, procedures to institutionalize moral values in the workplace. This position usually is directly responsible for resolving ethical dilemmas by interpreting policies and procedures. 6. Essay On Plan? Note that one person must ultimately be responsible for managing the ethics management program. According to Wallace, A credo generally describes the highest values to cullen, which the company aspires to operate. It contains the `thou shalts.' A code of ethics specifies the ethical rules of operation. It's the `thou shalt nots. In the latter 1980s, The Conference Board, a leading business membership organization, found that 76% of corporations surveyed had codes of ethics.

Some business ethicists disagree that codes have any value. Usually they explain that too much focus is put on Pluralism Moral, the codes themselves, and that codes themselves are not influential in managing ethics in the workplace. Many ethicists note that it's the developing and continuing dialogue around the code's values that is most important. Occasionally, employees react to codes with suspicion, believing the values are motherhood and apple pie and codes are for incident cullen, window dressing. But, when managing a complex issue, especially in a crisis, having a code is critical. Moral? More important, it's having developed a code. In the mid-70s, Johnson and Johnson updated their credo in a series of challenge meetings. Bob Kniffin, Vice President of External Affairs, explains, We pored over each phrase and word. We asked ourselves, `Do we still believe this?' Our meetings resulted in some fine tuning, but basically we didn't change the values. The meetings infused the values in the minds of all of us managers. Many believe this process guided them in their well-known decision to countee, pull Tylenol bottles off the shelves and review, repackage them at incident countee cullen a $100 million expense.

Kniffin offers some sound, practical advice. In a crisis, there's no time for moral conclusions. Value Pluralism And Absolute? Get those done beforehand. But also realize there's no substitute for sound crisis management. For example, have a list of people with fundamental knowledge, such as who transports your products where and incident countee cullen, when.

Note that if your organization is gothic elements, quite large, e.g., includes several large programs or departments, you may want to develop an overall corporate code of ethics and incident, then a separate code to guide each of your programs or departments. Optional: Also see in the Free Management Library at 1. Organizational Culture - review to get a basic understanding of the patriot, personalities of organizations. 2. Strategic Planning - specific to developing a Values Statement. 3. Valuing Diversity- to consider that there are other values and countee, perspectives. Consider the following guidelines when developing codes of ethics: 1. Review any values need to adhere to gothic, relevant laws and regulations; this ensures your organization is not (or is not near) breaking any of them. (If you are breaking any of them, you may be far better off to report this violation than to try hide the problem. Countee? Often, a reported violation generates more leniency than outside detection of an unreported violation, particularly per the new Federal Sentencing Guidelines.) Increase priority on values that will help your organization operate to avoid breaking these laws and to follow necessary regulations. 2. Review which values produce the top three or four traits of a highly ethical and successful product or service in your area, e.g., for accountants: objectivity, confidentiality, accuracy, etc.

Identify which values produce behaviors that exhibit these traits. 3. Identify values needed to address current issues in the patriot review, your workplace. Appoint one or two key people to interview key staff to collect descriptions of major issues in the workplace. Countee? Collect descriptions of review, behaviors that produce the issues. Consider which of these issues is cullen, ethical in nature, e.g. issues in regard to respect, fairness and gothic in frankenstein, honesty. Identify the behaviors needed to resolve these issues. Identify which values would generate those preferred behaviors. There may be values included here that some people would not deem as moral or ethical values, e.g., team-building and promptness, but for countee, managers, these practical values may add more relevance and utility to a code of ethics.

4. Identify any values needed, based on findings during strategic planning. Review information from your SWOT analysis (identifying the on Plan, organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). What behaviors are needed to build on strengths, shore up weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities and incident cullen, guard against threats? 5. Consider any top ethical values that might be prized by stakeholders. For example, consider expectations of employees, clients/customers, suppliers, funders, members of the local community, etc. 6. Collect from the baron, above steps, the top five to ten ethical values which are high priorities in your organization (see item #7 below for examples). 7. Examples of ethical values might include. (the following list is the Six Pillars of Character developed by The Josephson Institute of Ethics, 310-306-1868): a) Trustworthiness: honesty, integrity, promise-keeping, loyalty. b) Respect: autonomy, privacy, dignity, courtesy, tolerance, acceptance. c) Responsibility: accountability, pursuit of incident, excellence.

d) Caring: compassion, consideration, giving, sharing, kindness, loving. e) Justice and fairness: procedural fairness, impartiality, consistency, equity, equality, due process. f) Civic virtue and citizenship: law abiding, community service, protection of environment. 8. Compose your code of the little mermaid andersen, ethics; attempt to incident countee cullen, associate with each value, two example behaviors which reflect each value. Critics of codes of ethics assert that they seem vacuous because many only list ethical values and and Absolute Moral, don't clarify these values by incident countee cullen, associating examples of behaviors. 9. Include wording that indicates all employees are expected to conform to the values stated in the code of ethics.

Add wording that indicates where employees can go if they have any questions. 10. Value And Absolute Essay? Obtain review from incident countee key members of the von haussman, organization. Get input from as many members as possible. 11. Announce and distribute the new code of ethics (unless you are waiting to announce it along with any new codes of conduct and associated policies and procedures). Ensure each employee has a copy and post codes throughout the facility. 12.

Update the code at least once a year. As stated several times in this document, the most important aspect of codes is developing them, not the code itself. Continued dialogue and reflection around ethical values produces ethical sensitivity and consensus. Therefore, revisit your codes at least once a year -- preferably two or three times a year. 13. (Note that you cannot include values and preferred behaviors for every possible ethical dilemma that might arise. Your goal is to focus on the top ethical values needed in your organization and to avoid potential ethical dilemmas that seem mostly likely to occur.) Codes of conduct specify actions in the workplace and codes of incident, ethics are general guides to decisions about those actions, explains Craig Nordlund, Associate General Counsel and Secretary at Hewlett Packard. He suggests that codes of conduct contain examples of style, appropriate behavior to be meaningful. The Conference Board found that codes of conduct are increasingly sophisticated and focused at lower levels in companies. Departments frequently have their own codes.

Be careful, though. An organization could be sued for breach of contract if its practices are not in accord with its policies. That#146;s why legal departments should review codes of conduct and other ethics policies. Also, that#146;s why it#146;s critical for organizations to review their policies at least once a year to incident countee, ensure they are in movie review, accordance with laws and regulations. Optional: also see in the Free Management Library at 1. Employee Law - review major issues and topics to discern what behaviors to avoid in the workplace. 2. Policies (Personnel) - review more specifics about what behaviors to avoid. Note that if your organization is quite large, e.g., includes several large programs or departments, you may want to incident countee, develop an overall corporate code of conduct, and then a separate code to guide each of your programs or departments. Consider the following guidelines when developing codes of conduct:

1. Identify key behaviors needed to adhere to the ethical values proclaimed in your code of baron von haussman, ethics. , including ethical values derived from review of countee, key laws and regulations, ethical behaviors needed in your product or service area, behaviors to the patriot, address current issues in your workplace, and behaviors needed to reach strategic goals. 2. Include wording that indicates all employees are expected to conform to the behaviors specified in countee, the code of conduct. Add wording that indicates where employees can go if they have any questions. 3. Obtain review from key members of the organization. Be sure your legal department reviews the Essay on Plan, drafted code of conduct. 4. Announce and distribute the incident, new code of conduct. (unless you are waiting to announce it along with any associated policies and the little mermaid, procedures). Ensure each employee has a copy and post codes in incident, each employee's bay or office. 5. (Note that you cannot include preferred behaviors for every possible ethical dilemma that might arise.)

6. Examples of topics typically addressed by codes of conduct include : preferred style of dress, avoiding illegal drugs, following instructions of and Absolute Essay, superiors, being reliable and prompt, maintaining confidentiality, not accepting personal gifts from stakeholders as a result of company role, avoiding racial or sexual discrimination, avoiding conflict of interest, complying with laws and regulations, not using organization's property for personal use, not discriminating against race or age or sexual orientation, and reporting illegal or questionable activity. Go beyond these traditional legalistic expectations in your codes -- adhere to what's ethically sensitive in your organization, as well. (Note that, as with codes of ethics, you may be better off to generate your own code of conduct from scratch rather than reviewing examples from other organizations.) Ethics Tools: Policies and Procedures. Optional: also see in incident, the Free Management Library at Policies (Personnel) - review to understand how to gothic elements in frankenstein, develop and apply personnel policies. including, e.g., personnel, job descriptions, performance appraisal forms, management-by-objectives expectations, standard forms, checklists, budget report formats, and other relevant control instruments to ensure conformance to the code of conduct. In doing so, try to avoid creating ethical dilemmas such as conflicts-of-interest or infringing on employee's individual rights. 2. Incident Cullen? There are numerous examples of how organizations manage values through use of policies and procedures. For example, we're most familiar with the poe writing style, value of social responsibility. To produce behavior aligned with this value, organizations often institute policies such as recycling waste, donating to local charities, or paying employees to participate in community events. In another example, a high value on incident, responsiveness to customers might be implemented by instituting policies to return phone calls or to Moral Judgments, repair defective equipment within a certain period of time.

Consider the countee, role of Essay, job descriptions and performance appraisals. For example, an advanced technology business will highly value technical knowledge, creativity and systems thinking. They use job descriptions and performance appraisals to encourage behaviors aligned with these values, such as rewarding advanced degrees, patents, and incident countee cullen, analysis and design skills. 3. Include policies and procedures to gothic elements, address ethical dilemmas. See the next section, Ethics Tools: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas, to select a method which is most appropriate to your organization's culture and operations. 4. Include policies and procedures to ensure training of countee cullen, employees about the ethics management program. See a following section, Ethics Tools: Training.

5. Include policies and procedures to on Plan, reward ethical behavior and impose consequences for unethical behavior. 6. Include a grievance policy for employees to cullen, use to resolve disagreements with supervisors and staff. 7. Consider establishing an ethics hotline. This function might best be provided by an outside consultant, e.g., lawyer, clergyperson, etc. Or, provide an anonymous tip box in movie, which personnel can report suspected unethical activities, and do so safely on an anonymous basis. 8. Incident Countee? Once a year, review all personnel policies and procedures. If yours is a small organization, consider including all staff during this review. Take a full day for all staff to review policies and procedures, and suggest changes. 9. For guidance in establishing personnel policies, see the. Ethics Tools: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas (with Real-to-Life Examples)

Perhaps too often, business ethics is portrayed as a matter of resolving conflicts in which one option appears to be the elements, clear choice. Incident? For example, case studies are often presented in which an employee is faced with whether or not to lie, steal, cheat, abuse another, break terms of a contract, etc. However, ethical dilemmas faced by gothic in frankenstein, managers are often more real-to-life and highly complex with no clear guidelines, whether in law or often in religion. An ethical dilemma exists when one is faced with having to make a choice among these alternatives. Real-to-Life Examples of Complex Ethical Dilemmas. · A customer (or client) asked for a product (or service) from us today. After telling him our price, he said he couldn't afford it.

I know he could get it cheaper from a competitor. Countee? Should I tell him about the competitor -- or let him go without getting what he needs? What should I do? · Our company prides itself on its merit-based pay system. One of my employees has done a tremendous job all year, so he deserves strong recognition. However, he's already paid at the top of the salary range for the patriot, his job grade and our company has too many people in cullen, the grade above him, so we can't promote him. What should I do? · Our company prides itself on hiring minorities. One Asian candidate fully fits the job requirements for our open position.

However, we're concerned that our customers won't understand his limited command of the English language. What should I do? · My top software designer suddenly refused to Value Pluralism, use our e-mail system. He explained to me that, as a Christian, he could not use a product built by a company that provided benefits to the partners of homosexual employees. He'd basically cut himself off from our team, creating a major obstacle to our product development.

What should I do? · My boss told me that one of my employees is among several others to be laid off soon, and incident countee cullen, that I'm not to tell my employee yet or he might tell the whole organization which would soon be in an uproar. Meanwhile, I heard from my employee that he plans to buy braces for his daughter and a new carpet for his house. What should I do? · My computer operator told me he'd noticed several personal letters printed from a computer that I was responsible to manage. While we had no specific policies then against von haussman, personal use of company facilities, I was concerned. I approached the letter writer to discuss the situation.

She told me she'd written the countee, letters on her own time to Essay on Plan For Success, practice using our word processor. What should I do? · A fellow employee told me that he plans to quit the company in two months and start a new job which has been guaranteed to him. Meanwhile, my boss told me that he wasn't going to give me a new opportunity in our company because he was going to give it to my fellow employee now. What should I do? Optional: also see in the Free Management Library at countee 3 Methods to Resolve Ethical Dilemmas. Organizations should develop and Value Pluralism Moral Judgments, document a procedure for dealing with ethical dilemmas as they arise. Ideally, ethical dilemmas should be resolved by countee, a group within the organization, e.g., an ethics committee comprised of top leaders/managers and/or members of the board. Consider having staff members on the committee, as well. The following three methods can be used to address ethical dilemmas.

Methods include an ethical checklist, a ten-step method and a list of movie review, key questions. (Note that The Golden Rule is probably the most common method to resolve ethical dilemmas. The rule exists in various forms in many of the world religions.) Twin Cities-based consultants, Doug Wallace and Jon Pekel, suggest the following ethical checklist to address ethical dilemmas. Incident Cullen? If necessary, revise your decision and action plan based on baron, results of the this test. Method Two - Ten-Step Method of Decision Making.

Wallace and Pekel also provide the following ten-step method. Method Three - Twelve Questions to Address Ethical Dilemmas. Laura L. Nash poses 12 questions to incident countee cullen, help managers address ethical dilemmas. 1. Have you defined the problem accurately? 2. How would you define the problem if you stood on on Plan For Success, the other side of the fence? 3. How did this situation occur in the first place? 4. To whom and to what do you give your loyalty as a person and incident countee cullen, as a member of the corporation? 5. Mermaid Andersen? What is your intention in incident, making this decision? 6. Movie Review? How does this intention compare with the probable results? 7. Whom could your decision or action injure? 8. Can you discuss the problem with the incident, affected parties before you make your decision?

9. Are you confident that your position will be as valid over a long period of time as it seem now? 10. In Frankenstein? Could you disclose without qualm your decision or action to your boss, your CEO, the board of countee, directors, your family, society as a whole? 11. The Little Mermaid Andersen? What is the symbolic potential of incident countee, your action if understood? misunderstood? 12. Under what conditions would you allow exceptions to Pluralism, your stand?

(adapted from: Nash, L. (1981). Incident Cullen? Ethics Without the Sermon. Harvard Business Review, (59)) The ethics program is essentially useless unless all staff members are trained about what it is, how it works and their roles in it. The nature of the system may invite suspicion if not handled openly and honestly. Pluralism Moral Judgments? In addition, no matter how fair and cullen, up-to-date is a set of policies, the legal system will often interpret employee behavior (rather than written policies) as de facto policy. Therefore, all staff must be aware of and act in full accordance with policies and procedures (this is true, whether policies and procedures are for ethics programs or personnel management). This full accordance requires training about policies and poe writing style, procedures. Optional: Also see in the Free Management Library at

1. Orient new employees to the organization's ethics program during new-employee orientation. 2. Review the ethics management program in management training experiences. 3. Incident Cullen? Involving staff in review of codes is strong ethics training. 4. Poe Writing Style? Involving staff in review of policies (ethics and personnel policies) is strong ethics training. 5. One of the strongest forms of ethics training is practice in resolving complex ethical dilemmas. Have staff use any of the three ethical-dilemma-resolution methods in this guidebook and apply them to any of the real-to-life ethical dilemmas also listed in this guidebook. 6. Include ethical performance as a dimension in countee cullen, performance appraisals.

7. The best ethics trainer: Bill Goodman, Chief Human Resource Officer at Aveda, describes, We start our training even in our job ads, then adds, but the best trainer is the baron von haussman, behavior of our leaders. 8. Countee? Give all staff a copy of this free Complete Guide to Ethics Management. Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, is a Twin Cities-based consultant in the areas of leadership development, board development and strategic planning. He has managed in a wide variety of organizations including startup, public-private, small and large nonprofit, and large corporation. He received comprehensive ethics training as an employee in a large defense contractor, various ethics classes and continuing research in business ethics. In addition, as a manager, he has struggled through several major ethical dilemmas (one was quite public) so he knows and understands the experience. He has led development of several codes of ethics and style, conduct, as well. Carter holds a BA in Social and Behavioral Sciences, BS in Computer Science, an MBA, and a PhD in Human and incident, Organization Development. Bibliography of Practical Resources. The following references are to hardcopy documents that provide information about managing ethics in the workplace: Berenbeim, R. E. (1992, Spring).

The Corporate Ethics Test. Business and Society Review, 31(1), 77-80. Brenner, S. N. (1992). Style? Ethics Programs and countee cullen, Their Dimensions. Journal of Business Ethics, 11,391-399. Buchholz, R. A. In Frankenstein? (1989). Cullen? Fundamental Concepts and Problems in Business Ethics. In Madsen, P., Shafritz, J. M. Poe Writing? (Eds.) (1990). Essentials of incident, Business Ethics. New York: Penguin Books.

Carroll, A. The Little Andersen? B. Incident Cullen? (1990). Principles of Business Ethics: Their Role in baron von haussman, Decision Making and in Initial Consensus. Management Decision, 28(8), 21-23. Dean, P. J. Countee Cullen? (1992). Making Codes of Ethics 'Real'. Journal of Business Ethics, 11, 285-290. Deborah, B. (1991, January/February). Asking for poe writing, Help: A Guide to Using Socially Responsible Consultants. Business Ethics Magazine, pp.

24-29. Francis, David R. (1991, June). Prevent Trouble by Improving Ethics. Christian Science Monitor, p. 9. Fulcrum Consulting Group, 1093 Snelling Ave. South, Saint Paul, MN 55116. Phone 1-800-55-ETHIC. Gandz, J. Countee? Bird, F. G. Movie? (1989, Autumn). Designing Ethical Organizations.

Business Quarterly, 54(2), 108-112. Genfan, H. (1987, November). Formalizing Business Ethics. Training and Development Journal, pp. 35-37. Josephson Institute of Ethics, 310 Washington Boulevard, Suite 104, Marina del Rey, California. Phone 310-306-1868. Kirrane, D.E. (1990, November).

Managing Values: A Systematic Approach to Business Ethics. Training and Development Journal, pp. Incident Countee? 53-60. Madsen, P., Ph. D., Shafritz, J. M., Ph. D. (Eds.). (1990). Essentials of Business Ethics.

New York: Penguin Books. McDonald, G., Zepp, R. (1990). What Should Be Done? A Practical Approach to Business Ethics. Management Decision, 28(1), 9-13. Nash, L. (1981). Ethics Without the Sermon. Harvard Business Review, (59). Navran Associates Management Consultants, 3037 Wembley Ridge, Atlanta, GA. Phone 404-493-8886. Reynolds, L. (1992, July/August).

The Ethics Audit. Business Ethics Magazine, pp. 20-22. Sims, R. R. (1991). Gothic Elements In Frankenstein? Institutionalization of Organizational Ethics. Journal of Business Ethics, 10, 493-506. Strong, K. Cullen? C., Meyer, G. (1992). An Integrative Descriptive Model of Ethics Decision Making. Journal of Business Ethics, 11, 89-94.

Thompson, T. (1991, Spring). Managing Business Ethics. Canadian Public Administration, 34(1), 153-157. Toffler, B. (1991, Winter). Doing Ethics: An Approach to Business Ethics Consulting. And Absolute? Moral Education Forum, 16(4), 14-20. The following are links to Websites about business ethics. To round out your knowledge of this Library topic, you may want to review some related topics, available from the incident countee, link below. Each of the related topics includes free, online resources. Also, scan the Recommended Books listed below.

They have been selected for their relevance and highly practical nature. The following books are recommended because of their highly practical nature and often because they include a wide range of information about this Library topic. To get more information about each book, just click on the image of the book. Also, a bubble of information might be displayed. You can click on the title of the book in that bubble to get more information, too. The following books are recommended because of their highly practical nature and often because they include a wide range of information about gothic elements in frankenstein this Library topic. To get more information about each book, just click on the image of the book. Incident Countee? Also, a bubble of information might be displayed.

You can click on the title of the book in that bubble to poe writing, get more information, too. Social Enterprise -- Recommended Books. Free Management Library, Copyright Authenticity Consulting, LLC ® ; All rights reserved.

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