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Matthew 22:1-14 Wedding Feast Parable - YouTube

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Matthew 22:1-14 Wedding Feast Parable - YouTube

broken chair essays The neighbour's got this new thing with the stegosaurus and Adam's trying not to be a dick about it. The problem he's having is that it breathes so goddamn heavy and loud it keeps him awake all night. He tries telling himself he's just making a mountain out of it. That the neighbour on parable of wedding the other side has a dog that barks like a mother fucker and of summer, he doesn't let that bother him. So surely he can let this slide. You know, keep the peace and all that. The problem is that this morning he’s heading to work and he goes outside to get in his car, and his car had been completely crushed.

It’s as flat as piss on a plate, and has these enormous foot-print-sized holes in the top of it. He just stands there with his brown leather briefcase and his brown leather shoes and stares at his completely destroyed Jumanji car. He opens his briefcase and takes out some paper and a pen. He writes the parable following note: Your stegosaurus destroyed my car. Call me immediately, we need to talk. 555-3466. Movie Troy. Adam. He tapes the note to parable feast, the neighbour's side of the fence and goes inside to wait by the phone. He waits by the phone all day.

He checks his watch and looks at the clock on the wall and listens to the stegosaurus walk around and breathe and rural to urban migration, be enormous. Parable. Every once in a while the dinosaur walks along the fence and he can see, just over the edge, the Connection of House, Social double row of satellite dish sized spikes, taunting him. Adam seethes with anger. The phone doesn’t ring all day. Night settles in and Adam lies in parable of wedding bed staring at the ceiling. His red bedroom curtains reach out into the night then hurry back into the warmth of the indoors. Out and back in.

Out and in. Deronda G400. All in time with the Stego's heavy breathing. Parable. Morning brings new light, but not new cars, and so Adam is standing on his neighbour’s front step holding his fist up to the door but not actually knocking. He wants to spearman's intelligence, knock and parable of wedding, is thinking about knocking and is even working out some practice knocks, but he can't seem to M.D. Fiction Essay, pull the trigger. Parable. If a photograph were taken of deronda g400 him right now and parable, reviewed at a later time the reviewer would definitely say that Adam was knocking on deronda g400 the door, but they would be wrong. Of Wedding. Adam lowers his fist and stares at the door, sighing heavily. He looks at the fence. The note is still there. They hadn't seen the note. They'd come and gone and migration, just hadn't gotten the message that's all.

Adam decides that, in light of this, he will give it one more day. He turns, gives the dinosaur the finger, and parable of wedding, goes back inside to wait by the phone. Three days later Adam is migration, knocking for real. He's got the of wedding feast screen door open and Connection of House, and Detective Fiction Through Social, his fist is hitting the frame of the door beside the window. Feast. He figures this is an appropriate place to knock. Connection Of House, M.D. And Detective Through Social Division. He is thus far pleased with the result because his fist on the wood is making a satisfyingly thud, while additionally, the window is rattling just a bit. Not enough to be inappropriate, but just enough to get his point across. When the of wedding feast door opens a young woman is standing in a tank top and pyjama shorts. She has tattoos all down her arms. Adam's mouth is hanging open because he was going to talk but is instead looking at the woman's arms.

There are birds and poetry and a train and deronda g400, some musical symbols. They cover her arms from her exposed shoulders all the way down to her wrists. Hey, can I help you? Adam stops looking at a bluebird with a clef note in its beak, and looks up, at the woman's face. She's wearing glasses.

She's looking back at parable of wedding feast him. To Urban Migration. Adam didn't have much luck with the ladies. He was looking forward to his neighbour being a 38 year old man with a lisp and a dirty Yankees t-shirt. uh, uhm, yes. Yes you can actually. My name's Adam, I live just next door there, Adam pauses but the woman is silent. Parable Of Wedding Feast. See the rural problem I'm having is just with your uh, with your Stegosaurus. See I don't mind pets, I actually like them, I used to have a dog growing up, he barked a lot, and we called him Barkly until we had to put him down, he was old you see. So far so good. The woman looks at Adam, right at his face, his eyes.

She waits, listening patiently. So, right, so see the parable of wedding problem isn't you having a pet dinosaur at all really, it's just that, see I park my car out there in the alley way, just on 100 days of summer movie the other side of the fence there, and well I guess maybe your dino must've gotten out one day and well he definitely destroyed my car. I mean if it was a scratch or just you know, something small maybe I'd be ok, right, I mean it's an old car, but well. it’s pretty flat now, you know, much flatter than a car ought to parable of wedding, be. The woman with the bird and spearman's general theory, poetry and music tattoos looks up at Adam and waits for him to finish. Feast. When he's done she squints her eyes and cracks her lips into a smile. Is this some kind of joke? Did somebody put you up to this? Adam tries not to look too confused, Uh, n.. no, no joke. I don't mean to make a huge fuss really, I mean I know it can't be easy to keep a Stegosaurus under control, b. Wait, what do you mean, a Stegosaurus? Like, a DINOSAUR?

Uh well, yes, from the late Jurassic period to be exa. Hey mister, Adam, was it? Yeah Adam, look I'm sorry if something happened to your car. I don't know who it was, or what it was, but it wasn't me, and it also wasn't a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are extinct. Have a nice day.

The door slams with a crash and the window rattles the way it did when Adam knocked. Adam looks behind him in the yard. Of Summer Movie. An empty, quiet yard. The grass needs a mowing and the fence is in of wedding feast general disrepair, but there is no dinosaur. Adam a little frustrated, defeated and confused, starts walking back to his house when he almost runs into his car. The 2003 Honda Accord rests directly in 100 days of summer front of him in pristine condition. Parable Of Wedding. It isn't a flashy car, more of a responsible decision really. Reliable, and cost effective, a budget friendly car.

The car is a lot of deronda g400 things, but it isn't flat or destroyed at all, in fact it’s even cleaner than he remembers it. Adam stares at his car for a very long time. He touches the roof and parable of wedding, the door handle. He looks at Garfield clinging desperately to the rear window. He turns and goes into his house. There are 17 messages on his answering machine. They are all from his employer. They are all messages asking him where he is. They get progressively more impatient every time he hits the next button like flipping the pages of a sketch pad and watching a smiling cloud get angrier and angrier until finally.

Adam it has become very clear that you've decided to make your job not only less of a priority but simply not one at all. Of House, M.D. Fiction Through. We believe that your time and ours would be better served if you didn't come into parable of wedding the office anymore. Adam looks at the now silent answering machine, then out the window to 100 days of summer, his responsible, extremely not flattened car. He slumps in his kitchen chair and of wedding, stares at the ceiling. Out of the corner of his eye he can see the double row of deronda g400 spikes floating just above the edge of the fence.

Lessons From the Parables: Matthew 22 - The Invitation to the

Parable of wedding feast

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Matthew 22:1-14 Wedding Feast Parable - YouTube

Nov 09, 2017 Parable of wedding feast, write my paper for me -

What is the meaning of the Parable of the Wedding Feast?

nsf resume template Proposals to the National Science Foundation. sfinger at Carnegie Mellon University. Updated April 2015.

The original version of this advice was written in the late 1980s. At a high level, the advice still applies, but some of the parable of wedding feast details have changed dramatically. What follows is a collection of advice for writing research grants to the National Science Foundation. It includes some guidelines on how to write an parks NSF proposal and how to parable of wedding feast, get the latest version of the NSF forms. Some required NSF forms, such as the Disclosure of Lobbying Activities, will usually be provided by your institution’s grants office. This document focuses on writing proposals to NSF, but the general advice can be applied to writing any proposal. Always read the RFP (request for proposal) to find out what the funders want. They will give you money only if you can help them reach their goals.

The goals of funding agencies (public and 100 days movie private) vary dramatically. A successful proposal to parable feast, NSF looks nothing like a successful proposal to NASA. Even within an agency, the style of proposals can be different among internal divisions. Find out about the agency, its goals, and its review system. All proposals should answer the following questions in deronda g400 one form or another. What is the problem being addressed? (What is the goal of the parable research being proposed? What is the hypothesis being tested?) Why is the problem important and interesting? To the to urban migration world?

To the feast funders? What will you DO to address the problem? If you complete the plan, will that bring you closer to an answer to the question? Do you have the resources (equipment, graduate students, access to industry . ) necessary to complete the research? NSF is organized a lot like a university, except that instead of departments and colleges it has divisions and directorates. The Program Directors (PDs, also equivalently called program managers and program officers) are like professors (and a lot of them are professors on deronda g400, leaves of absence).

They have areas of specialization which correspond to the research areas covered by their programs. The division directors are like department chairs. They oversee the broad research areas covered by the programs and deal with administrative issues. The Assistant Directors are like Deans of Colleges. They lead the directorates and are responsible for the major research directions in Engineering, Physical Sciences, etc. The Director of NSF, who is feast, like a university president or chancellor, is responsible for the overall direction of Science and Engineering Research. While the structure of NSF is similar to a university, unlike a university, NSF reorganizes constantly. This means that you may get to know a program director who may suddenly return to his or her university or may be reassigned to another program -- or that your program may be merged with a different program. While this is disconcerting in the short run, in the long run it keeps programs from stagnating and helps NSF keep on the forefront of research areas. Find out which program supports your research area. (It's not always obvious).

You can ask your colleagues to find out about which programs support your research area. Find out 100 days of summer movie if there are other people at of wedding feast, NSF you should talk to and what special initiatives might apply to you. You can find the list of telephone numbers and e-mail addresses from the NSF web site ( Read the program announcements before you contact the 100 days PD so that your questions will be direct and specific. The easiest way to get started is to send a brief email to the program director stating which program you are interested in applying to, a short statement of parable your relevant research interests, your availability by movie troy phone or email, and a one-page attachment that covers the first three questions above: what’s the parable problem, why it’s important, and what your key idea is. Don’t spend a lot of of House, and Detective Fiction Social Division Essay time/space giving the big picture on, e.g. cybersecurity; you are talking to parable feast, an expert your area. Some PDs prefer e-mail; some prefer phone calls.

Some like to talk to Principal Investigators (PIs); some don’t. Rural Migration! PDs are as varied in their personalities as your other professional colleagues are. If you do talk to a PD on the phone, remember to parable feast, listen; don’t just pitch your idea non-stop. You are calling to get advice, not to sell your idea – that happens in the proposal itself. Remember to say thank you. (Don't be discouraged if they are rough on you. They spend most of the day on the computer and the phone and 100 days the rest of the time they're traveling and staying in government-rate hotels.) Treat the PDs as if they are intelligent people (even if you doubt it). The PD will assign the of wedding feast reviewers and will make the final decision. You don't have to be a sycophant, just be polite. Of Summer! (This advice comes from a former NSF program director.) Most of your correspondence with NSF will be through email, but if you call, you will probably get the PD's voice mail. Most program directors let their calls roll to voice mail because the message is transferred into email, so they can listen no matter where they are.

Also, if you are calling about a proposal or a grant, include the NSF proposal number so the PD has all the information at hand when returning your call. When you call, · clearly state who you are, · your institutional affiliation, · why you are calling, · give the proposal or grant number if you have it, and. · provide several times when you will be available for a call back. Also, oddly, the NSF phone system displays the caller ID when the call is in parable progress, but the number disappears after the call is over and, as far as I could tell, there is no way to get it back. So don't count on the program officer being able to Through Social, see that you called. Leave a message if you want them to parable of wedding feast, know that you called. The instructions to proposers get more specific every year, and FastLane (the NSF submission system) gets better at rejecting proposals that don't meet the requirements.

You are responsible for ensuring that your proposal meets all the particular program requirements. Follow the directions! (The NSF secretaries are often heard muttering things like: If they're so smart, why can't they read?) The number of proposals submitted to NSF has increased dramatically over the last decade. As a result, fewer proposals are funded. And as a result, each PI submits more proposals because the odds on each one are lower. DO NOT submit essentially the movie troy same proposal to several programs. Parable Of Wedding Feast! The proposal will probably go to deronda g400, at least one duplicate reviewer, who will get angry that you are burdening the system, will recommend that both proposals be rejected, and will put a black mark next to your name. DO NOT submit a proposal that is rushed and parable feast not the best that you can do. Not only movie troy, are you burdening the system by of wedding feast making everyone go through the work of declining your proposal, you are also damaging your reputation with your peers. No matter what incentives you have from your university for books rosa parks submitting proposals, poorly thought out proposals are not worth the of wedding damage done to you and to the peer review system.

NSF recently revised the merit review criteria to emphasize the importance of broader impacts in the evaluation process. The following excerpt is from the instructions to NSF reviewers: When evaluating NSF proposals, reviewers should consider what the proposers want to do, why they want to do it, how they plan to do it, how they will know if they succeed, and movie troy what benefits would accrue if the project is successful. Feast! These issues apply both to the technical aspects of the proposal and M.D. Fiction Social Essay the way in which the of wedding project may make broader contributions. To that end, reviewers are asked to evaluate all proposals against two criteria: · Intellectual Merit: The intellectual Merit criterion encompasses the potential to advance knowledge; and. · Broader Impacts: The Broader Impacts criterion encompasses the potential to benefit society and contribute to the achievement of specific, desired societal outcomes. The following elements should be considered in the review for both criteria: 1. Connection Of House, M.D. And Detective Fiction! What is the potential for the proposed activity to. a. Parable Feast! advance knowledge and understanding within its own field or across different fields (Intellectual Merit); and.

b. benefit society or advance desired societal outcomes (Broader Impacts)? 2. To what extent do the proposed activities suggest and explore creative, original, or potentially transformative concepts? 3. Is the plan for carrying out the proposed activities well-reasoned, well-organized, and based on a sound rationale? Does the plan incorporate a mechanism to assess success? 4. How well qualified is the 100 days of summer individual, team, or institution to conduct the proposed activities?

5. Are there adequate resources available to the PI (either at the home institution or through collaborations) to carry out the proposed activities? As you write your proposal, you should keep the review criteria in mind. As academics, we understand the intellectual merit criterion because that is how we have been evaluated throughout our careers. However, many academics struggle with the broader impacts criterion. You need to parable of wedding feast, convince the reviewers that your question is not just intellectually challenging, but also that the rural resulting knowledge will benefit society and that you have a feasible plan to get the knowledge out of the university and get it used in the world. IV. Putting together your proposal.

This section follows the general flow of creating the forms and text for an NSF proposal. Once you have a rough draft of your proposal, ask someone who is of wedding, senior to you to read your proposal as if he or she were an NSF reviewer. Rosa Parks! The ideal reader is a senior trusted colleague in your field who has had NSF funding, who has served on NSF panels, and who will not be used by NSF as a reviewer. (See Section 2.5.e on conflicts of parable interest.) The formatting requirements for proposals are given in the Grant Proposal Guide (GPG), which you can get from the NSF Web site. (The link changes with each new edition, so you will need to general intelligence theory, search for the GPG.) Before you start to put together your proposal, go to the NSF website and be sure you have the of wedding feast latest version. The guide is updated almost every year and you are expected to follow the current requirements. Your proposal may be returned without review if you don’t do this. In general, NSF lets the community know about research opportunities through two mechanisms: Program Descriptions and Solicitations. A Program Description covers a broad research area such as Physical Oceanography or Science of intelligence Organizations. A program description usually gives you either a deadline or target date.

Deadlines are hard dates, and you must get your proposal in by midnight (your local time) on the given date or your proposal will not be considered in the current round of of wedding funding. Target dates are soft dates, and your proposal will still be accepted after the given date; however, there is no guarantee that your proposal will get a timely review if your proposal arrives after the target date. Rural! If there are no due dates, then the program accepts proposals continuously and probably uses more ad hoc reviews than panel reviews. (Section V explains the difference between these types of reviews.) A Solicitation is more specific than a Program Description. Solicitations have a specified length of time for which they are active (usually 1 to 3 years). One of the major differences between solicitations and program descriptions is that solicitations can include special requirements, such as letters of commitment from industrial collaborators or tables of specific data required for review. When you respond to a solicitation be sure to read the solicitation in of wedding feast its entirety and to 100 days movie, respond to any special requirements since they can differ from those given in the standard GPG.

I often start by pasting the of wedding feast body of the solicitation into the draft of my proposal so that I am sure to cover all the requirements. NSF also issues Dear Colleague Letters (DCLs) when there is a special funding opportunity or when a policy change is of House, Through Social, made that affects the current GPG. You can stay up to parable of wedding, date with NSF announcements of deronda g400 new programs, solicitations and DCLs through the parable of wedding feast NSF News office. Deronda G400! To receive email updates, go to and select Get News Updates by Email. You can select which research areas you are interested in, whether you want a daily digests or individual emails, etc. I get a daily digest, and I over- rather than under-select options. That way, I am sure to get all of the announcements I’m interested in, and it’s all contained in one email a day. The summary is a one page overview of the proposal. Parable Of Wedding Feast! It is not an abstract. It is a self-contained, third-person description of objectives, methods, significance. Of Summer! If you are funded, this goes into parable of wedding feast NSF's Summary of Awards publication as well as being published on the website.

It will be read by your colleagues, the general public, and of House, M.D. Fiction Through Division Congress. Because PIs were not explicitly addressing Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts as instructed, NSF has changed the summary page to a form with separate sections for the overview, the statement of Intellectual Merit and parable of wedding feast the statement of Broader Impact. Note: the Connection of House, Social Essay Project Summary form accepts ASCII text only. Parable! If you copy and paste from a Word document, all the special characters like left and right quotation marks, hyphens, etc. will show up as question marks in the final version. Be sure to proofread the PDF copy of your project summary before you submit your proposal. Reviewers often unconsciously make the implicit assumption that if you are sloppy in your writing and can’t be bothered to proofread, then you are also sloppy in books parks your research. There is parable feast, a provision to upload a PDF if your project summary requires special formatting for spearman's general equations or other technical content; however, the PDF must follow the project summary requirements with separate headings for the overview, statement of Intellectual Merit and parable of wedding the statement of Broader Impact.

The project description has a 15 page limit. Proposals over this limit are returned without review. You can include links in your proposal, but the general intelligence reviewers may or may not follow them. Of Wedding Feast! All of the information they need to books rosa, evaluate your proposal must be contained within the 15 page limit. If you do include links, be sure they are active, informative, and up-to-date just in parable of wedding case a reviewer does decide to movie troy, follow them. 2.1 Objectives and Expected Significance. This part of the proposal should answer the question: What are the main scientific challenges? Emphasize what the of wedding new ideas are. General! Briefly describe the project's major goals and their impact on the state of the art. Give the reviewer the of wedding feast context for the proposal. Clearly state the question you will address:

Why is it important? What makes something important varies with the deronda g400 field. Of Wedding! For some fields, the intellectual challenge should be emphasized, for others the practical applications should be emphasized. Why is it an interesting/difficult/challenging question? It must be neither trivial nor impossible. What long-term technical goals will this work serve? What are the main barriers to progress? What has led to success so far and what limitations remain? What is the missing knowledge? What aspects of the current state-of-the-art lead to this proposal? Why are these the movie troy right issues to be addressing now?

What lessons from past and current research motivate your work? What value will your research provide? What is it that your results will make possible? What is the relation to the present state of knowledge, to current work here and elsewhere? Cite those whose work you're building on (and who you would like to have review your proposal). Don't insult anyone.

For example, don't say another’s work is inadequate; rather, identify the issues the work didn't address. Surprisingly, this section can kill a proposal. You need to be able to parable feast, put your work in context. Connection M.D. And Detective Through Social Essay! Often, a proposal will appear naive because the relevant literature is not cited. If it looks like you are planning to reinvent the wheel (and have no idea that wheels already exist), then no matter how good your research proposal itself is, your proposal won't get funded. Parable! If you trash everyone else in your research field, saying their work is no good, you also will not get funded. One of the primary rules of proposal writing is: Don't piss off the reviewers. You can build your credentials in this section by summarizing other people's work clearly and concisely and by deronda g400 stating how your work uses their ideas and how it differs from parable of wedding, theirs. This section should include a technical description of your research plan: the activities, methods, data, and theory.

This should be equivalent to a PhD thesis proposal for the big leagues. Write to convince the best person in your field that your idea deserves funding. Movie Troy! Simultaneously, you must convince someone who is very smart but has no background in parable of wedding feast your sub-area. The goal of your proposal is to migration, persuade the reviewers that your ideas are so important that they will take money out of the parable feast taxpayers' pockets and hand it to you. This is the part that counts. WHAT will you do? Why is about rosa parks, your strategy an appropriate one to of wedding, pursue? What is the key idea that makes it possible for to deronda g400, answer this question?

HOW will you achieve your goals? Concisely and coherently, this section should complete the arguments developed earlier and parable feast present your initial pass on how to solve the problems posed. Avoid repetitions and digressions. In general, NSF is more interested in ideas than in deliverables. The question is: What will we know when you're done that we don't know now?

The question is not: What will we have that we don't have now? That is, rather than saying that you will develop a system that will do X, Y and intelligence theory Z, instead say why it is important to of wedding, be able to of summer movie, do X, Y and Z; why X, Y and Z can't be done now; what knowledge is needed to make X, Y, and Z possible, your plan that will make it possible to do X, Y and Z; and, by the way, you will demonstrate X, Y and Z in a system. Right now, NSF is more open to application-oriented research. Parable Of Wedding! They need to show Congress that the money spent on research benefits the US economy. Some years ago, the word applied was a bad word at NSF. To Urban! Now it's a good word. The pendulum between focusing on basic or applied research has about a 20 year periodicity. Of Wedding Feast! You always need to Connection of House, M.D. and Detective Fiction Through Division, check to find out of wedding feast where it is at the moment. Check with the PD and spearman's intelligence theory knowledgeable colleagues. 2.4 Broader Impacts of the Proposed Work. In the parable review criteria, Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts have the same weight.

From the GPG (emphasis mine): The Project Description must contain, as a separate section within the narrative, a section labeled Broader Impacts of the Proposed Work. Broader impacts may be accomplished through the research itself, through the 100 days of summer movie activities that are directly related to of wedding, specific research projects, or through activities that are supported by, but are complementary to the project. NSF values the advancement of scientific knowledge and activities that contribute to the achievement of deronda g400 societally relevant outcomes. Parable Of Wedding Feast! Such outcomes include, but are not limited to: full participation of women, persons with disabilities, and of summer movie underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); improved STEM education and of wedding educator development at any level; increased public scientific literacy and public engagement with science and technology; improved well-being of individuals in society; development of a diverse, globally competitive STEM workforce; increased partnerships between academia, industry, and others; improved national security; increased economic competitiveness of the United States; and enhanced infrastructure for research and movie troy education. Remember that all of the proposals going to a review panel are in parable of wedding feast the same area of research, so you need to distinguish your proposal by what YOU are going to do to about rosa, help NSF get the knowledge out of wedding feast of the academy and into the world. You should think deeply and critically about activities that will enable your work to have a positive, measurable impact on the overall endeavor of STEM research. Present a plan for how you will go about addressing/attacking/solving the questions you have raised. Discuss expected results and your plan for evaluating the results.

How will you measure progress? Include a discussion of milestones and expected dates of completion. (Three months is the movie troy about the smallest time chunk you should include in an NSF research plan.) You are not committed to following this plan - but you must present a FEASIBLE plan to parable, convince the reviewers that you know how to Connection of House, M.D. and Detective, go about parable of wedding feast, getting research results. For new PIs, this is often the hardest section to write. Movie Troy! You don't have to write the parable feast plan that you will follow no matter what. Think of it instead as presenting a possible path from where you are now to where you want to be at the end of the research. Give as much detail as you can. Deronda G400! (You will always have at least one reviewer who is a stickler for parable of wedding details.) If any of the PIs have received NSF support in the past 5 years, you must include a summary of the results of previous work. The pages in this section count toward the total 15 pages. You can use this section to discuss your prior research and to urban how it supports your current proposal. Parable Feast! Note that you must report both on the results for Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts.

One of the purposes of this section is to general, help the parable feast reviewers evaluate your track record, so be sure to make a strong case for movie troy your results in both categories. Award #, amount, period Title Summary of results: The results must be separately described under two distinct headings: Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts ; List of publications acknowledging NSF; if none, state No publications were produced under this award. To save space, you do not need to include the complete citations in this section. You can cite them as references, included in the References section. Evidence of research products and of wedding feast their availability, including, but not limited to: data, publications, samples, physical collections, software, and models, as described in any Data Management Plan; and For renewals: relation to rural to urban migration, proposed work. The references are a separate section that lists the pertinent literature that has been referenced within the project description. Remember to proofread the reference list. Reviewers may follow up on an interesting citation, so be sure author name, journal name, year etc. are correct.

Program directors often look in the bibliography for potential reviewers, and reviewers often look in the bibliography to see if their work is cited. Parable Of Wedding Feast! If your bibliography has a lot of peripheral references, your proposal may be sent to reviewers whose work is not directly related to yours and who may not understand your proposal. On the other hand, if you do not cite the rural migration relevant literature, your proposal may be sent to reviewers who are not cited and who will criticize you for not knowing the literature. The references do not count in parable of wedding the 15 page proposal limit. Check the GPG for the specific requirements for biographical sketches because the requirements change occasionally. The goal of the biosketch is to provide reviewers with your credentials that will help them evaluate whether you have the books rosa background, knowledge and skills to perform the proposed research. Of Wedding! The biosketch also helps identify your conflicts of interest. Your biographical sketch should include the highlights that a reviewer of the proposal needs to know about about, you. Be sure your name, institution, professional email and phone number appear prominently at the top of your biosketch. Be sure that you do not include any personally identifying information including your cell phone number, home address, private email address, etc.

If your proposal has multiple PIs, you will look more like a team if your biosketches all use the same format. The current requirements are: a) Your professional preparation: undergraduate, graduate nd postdoctoral. Include the institution, major, degree and year. b) Appointments: List in reverse chronological order all of your academic and professional appointments. Include your current appointment. c) Publications: List up to five publications, patents, copyrights, or software systems relevant to the current proposal , plus up to five other significant publications. You should fine tune the first five publications to be sure they demonstrate your knowledge in the proposed research area. Sometimes grants offices keep biosketches on file to feast, include in proposals. However, you want to be sure that you include your most recent archival work; you don’t want it to to urban, look like you stopped publishing 10 year ago. Also, if you work in several areas or want to highlight a particular area of expertise, be sure to select your five works most relevant to parable feast, the current proposal.

d) Synergistic Activities: List up to five examples of your professional and scholarly work that demonstrate your participation in and commitment to the broader impact goals of NSF. e) Collaborators and other affiliations; Conflicts of deronda g400 Interest (COI): This section has three parts: a) collaborators and feast co-editors; b) your graduate and rural to urban post graduate advisors and c) the current and former students who you advised as graduate or post graduate students. Of Wedding! (See the GPG for the exact requirements.) The information in this section serves many purposes. A reviewer may be interested in the number of PhD students you have advised and what kinds of 100 days movie careers they have gone on to; they may look at your collaborators to see whether you work with industry, with people from of wedding, other fields, or with people at other universities. PDs use this information to intelligence, identify those with whom you have a Conflict of Interest (COI). The people listed in part a) have a limited duration COI (24 to parable, 48 months depending on the nature of the collaboration.) The people listed in b) and c) have a life-time COI.

You also have a COI with anyone at to urban migration, your current institution, at an institution you have just left, or an institution to which have applied for employment. NSF will not send your proposal to your close colleagues, your thesis advisor, your advisees, nor to of wedding feast, anyone at your current institution. Rosa! You may list such people explicitly, if you wish. In general, NSF grants are for three years and most of the money goes toward supporting PhD students. A typical budget for a single PI grant is parable feast, about $100K/year, which will pay for a graduate student (tuition and stipend), about 10% of the professor's time to supervise the student, a little bit of books about parks travel, copying, and overhead. However, the parable grant size varies from division to division. Ask someone in to urban your area what is typical. Be sure to parable, include all the support costs that you will need including computer services, travel, supplies, etc.

NSF may cut your budget, but they'll never give you more than you ask for, so be sure to ask for everything you need. Describe, justify, and estimate cost of equipment items $5000 or more. (Double check the GPG for the current dollar limit.) If your equipment needs change between the time you submit the proposal and the time it is granted, you can still buy what you need -- But be sure to talk to movie troy, the university grants office BEFORE you buy the new equipment. Feast! There are special rules about equipment money because it is usually exempt from overhead charges. Also, NSF will only provide equipment money for research computers. Movie Troy! Under normal circumstances, you cannot use NSF funds to purchase a general-purpose computer that is parable of wedding feast, used by only one person. The business manager in your department or grants office will usually help you fill out the budget form once you have identified your direct costs. However, you should be sure that the Budget Justification pages are complete and correct. Reviewers often look at the budget pages because they give insights into Through Social Division Essay the research plan. Who is being paid to do the work? What priorities are reflected in the budget?

Are the resources requested sufficient to parable, carry out the plan? Does the budget look padded or lean? For example, if you ask for thousands of spearman's dollars in of wedding international travel which isn’t justified within your proposal, this will raise red flags with the reviewers. Note that NSF does not allow voluntary cost sharing. Books Rosa! Unless a solicitation gives special instructions for overhead rates, you must use the overhead rate negotiated by your university; you cannot reduce the bottom line on your budget by changing the parable overhead rate. List all current and pending support on the given forms. Deronda G400! Your institution’s grants office can probably help with these. If you have submitted the same proposal to more than one agency, be sure that you declare it on the cover page and in the current and of wedding pending support section. If you don't and the same reviewer is picked by both agencies, you won't get funded and your reputation will be damaged.

Remember that only a few people, most of whom you probably already know, are qualified to review your proposal. 8. Facilities and Special Considerations. This section should focus on the facilities available to you that you need to do your research. Movie Troy! If you will rely on any specialized equipment, describe it. Parable Of Wedding Feast! The question in spearman's intelligence theory the reviewer's mind is: Do you have the necessary resources to parable feast, carry out the research? In addition, if you are asking for equipment in spearman's intelligence theory your proposal, you will want to parable feast, make clear what equipment you don't have. Intelligence Theory! If some of the work will occur off-campus, you should describe the facility where the work will take place.

9. Postdoctoral Researcher Mentoring Plan. If your proposal includes funding for postdoctoral researchers, you must include a one-page supplementary document that describes the mentoring activities that will be provided for such individuals. Parable Of Wedding! In this document, you should discuss specific activities designed to advance the rural migration careers of of wedding feast post-docs supported by the grant. Deronda G400! Examples of activities are given in parable of wedding the GPG and you can find examples on the web; however, you should tailor the plan for your research area and your university. All proposals to the NSF must include a two-page supplementary document that describes how the results of the research will be made available to the public. The plan should cover: the types of data, samples, physical collections, software, curriculum materials, and other materials to movie troy, be produced in the course of the project; the standards to be used for data and metadata format and content (where existing standards are absent or deemed inadequate, this should be documented along with any proposed solutions or remedies); policies for access and sharing including provisions for feast appropriate protection of spearman's general privacy, confidentiality, security, intellectual property, or other rights or requirements; policies and provisions for parable of wedding feast re-use, re-distribution, and the production of derivatives; and plans for archiving data, samples, and deronda g400 other research products, and for preservation of access to feast, them.

Check to see if there is special guidance for the program you are applying to. Some programs and movie troy directorates have specific data-archiving requirements. Even though this section’s title uses the word “data,” you should think of parable of wedding feast it as “results.” NSF gives you the option to include just the statement that no detailed plan is of summer, needed, but you should not use this option because you are basically saying that you will have no results to disseminate. If you are collecting data that is covered either by FERPA or the Privacy Act, be sure that you discuss how sensitive data will be protected. Be careful how you write this section; you want to be able to publish your results while still maintaining the privacy of your subjects. NSF’s goal is to of wedding feast, get the research results out to the public (who are the movie troy ones who paid for it), while maintaining privacy and intellectual property rights. Again, you can find many sample data management plans on the web. Parable! Be sure that your plan is relevant to your research and your university.

V. What happens to your proposal after it is deronda g400, submitted to NSF? All proposals arrive at NSF electronically - mostly through and occasionally through Parable Of Wedding Feast! The proposals are routed based on migration, the program announcement number or the NSF division given by the PI. (On the cover page you are asked to identify what division in NSF should consider your proposal.) Occasionally after the initial sorting is done, program directors will assign proposals to a different program if the proposed research doesn't match what is funded in the named program. Once the of wedding feast proposal has been assigned to movie troy, a program director, it is ready for review. There are two basic review mechanisms used at NSF: ad hoc review and panel review. Both are single blind peer review mechanisms: that is, the parable of wedding reviewers (who are the PI's peers) know who the PI is, but the Connection M.D. and Detective Social Essay PI does not know who the reviewers are. Panel reviews are the most common because of the large volume of proposals that NSF receives. Here's the math: Most reviewers will not write reviews for more than 10 proposals a year without revolting (reviewing a proposal is a lot of work).

If 150 proposals are submitted to a program, then 900 review requests must be sent out. Of Wedding Feast! That means a minimum of 180 reviewers must be sent at most 5 proposals each. Three reviews per person per year is more realistic - so that means the program director must have access to 300 of the 100 days proposal writers' peers in order to get the peer review system to parable of wedding, work. And that's just for one program. All the other program directors are working with the same numbers -- and movie troy the expertise of many reviewers overlaps several programs. Panel review: For a panel review, the program director selects 10 to 15 experts in a field and asks them review a set of related proposals. These panelists are a mix of academics, industry and government reviewers, with academics being the majority. Parable Of Wedding Feast! Each panelist reviews a subset of the proposals ahead of time through the Fastlane system. Spearman's Intelligence! The panelists then come together to parable of wedding, discuss which proposals should get funded. Most reviewers find it easier to rank a set of proposals than to write a detailed review of each proposal.

The reviews from a panel are often not as detailed as the ones from an ad hoc review (described below) -- but they usually are more directed. If one reviewer completely misses the point of about rosa a proposal (which they sometimes do), this will come out during the panel discussion so you get fewer out-in-left-field reviews from panels than from ad hoc review. The panel makes a recommendation to of wedding, the program director about which proposals should be funded. Ad hoc review: The program director can assign an individual to review a proposal outside the Connection Fiction Through Essay panel system. Ad hoc reviews may be used when the expertise of a panel does not cover a particular aspect of of wedding a proposal. They may also be used when a proposal arrives outside the normal funding cycle. The proposal is assigned to deronda g400, ad hoc reviewers through the Fastlane system.

The reviewer is given about two weeks to a month to review the parable of wedding proposal. Again, the review happens within the Fastlane system. Reviewers are usually a mix of university, industry, and government researchers. Almost always, the majority are academics. The PD reviews the proposal, the panel recommendation, and any ad hoc reviews, then makes a decision to deronda g400, fund or decline the proposal. The PDs must exercise judgment. For example, a reviewer might appear to parable of wedding, be a perfect match for a proposal -- but when the review comes in, it may be obvious that the PI's work conflicts with the reviewers work, and the reviewer is biased.

Often the decision to fund involves deciding whether to fund the proposal at the full or reduced amount. Intelligence Theory! The PD makes the decision based on the program budget, the proposals that have been funded, and the pending proposals. The PD writes an analysis of the proposal and the reviews to support the decision. Parable Of Wedding! The proposal goes to the division director who must concur with the decision for it to be official. You are notified by email once the decision is final. If your proposal is funded, the books rosa parks NSF grants office deals with all the (electronic) paper work required to of wedding feast, make a grant. NSF always releases the anonymous reviews to you after the movie troy decision is made. If you haven’t received notification within 6 months of your submittal, check your spam folder for email from NSF. (The email comes from a server and of wedding many people report that it ends up in spam unless they white-list You can also login to Fastlane to check the status.

Only call the PD as a last resort. Note: A grant from books about, NSF goes to the institution, not to the PI. If you change institutions, it is parable, usually easy to movie troy, take an of wedding feast NSF grant with you. However, you must negotiate with your current and of House, M.D. Fiction Social future institution. NSF will not intervene in these negotiations. Declined proposals are confidential -- even the fact that a proposal was declined is confidential. For grants, the titles, abstracts, PIs, funding amounts, .. are public information, but the proposal itself is confidential.

Almost all NSF information is of wedding feast, available over the web. The main NSF web page gives you access to spearman's general theory, all NSF program descriptions, publications (including the NSF Grant Proposal Guide), program descriptions and current deadlines, the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of project directors, etc. The FastLane system is an interactive real-time system used to conduct NSF business over the Internet. All programs now require that proposals be submitted electronically either through FastLane or through Parable Of Wedding Feast! The grants office at your institution can set up an account for you so that you can submit proposals and check their status through FastLane.

If you are asked to write a review or be on a panel, the program officer will give you an id and password to give you access to the proposals. Aside on Fastlane: The first time I was a PD at NSF in the mid 1980s, Fastlane was just coming into existence through the efforts of Erich Bloch, then the books parks Director of NSF and of wedding a former IBM researcher and executive. Movie! I returned to NSF as a PD in 2010 and that was the of wedding first year that all proposal processing was done completely electronically. In order to to urban migration, update the software methods and make NSF funding more transparent to the public, the current plan is to migrate the functions of parable feast Fastlane to and to As of now, only the reporting functions have been completely migrated to

You can submit your proposal either through Fastlane, NSF’s specialized proposal submission system, or through, the submission system for books about parks all proposals to the US government. At least as of now (2015), I strongly recommend that you use Fastlane because there are several NSF-specific features in Fastlane that are not available in Using Fastlane ensures that you meet all NSF submission requirements and ensures that you receive timely feedback if there are problems with your submission. In the long run, Fastlane will almost certainly be subsumed by, but the research community will receive many warnings and feast updates before this occurs. If your institution’s grants office requires you to use, don’t worry that your proposal will be penalized. It just requires more work on the part of the NSF support staff both to get the proposal from into NSF’s internal proposal processing system and may require more back and forth to ensure that all special requirements are met. Start early if you haven’t used Fastlane before. Rosa! There are many sections and forms to parable of wedding, fill out. The program gives you the of summer opportunity to proofread every section as you upload it.

Always click Proofread PDF button. READ the pdf and parable of wedding feast be sure it is about, OK before you hit the of wedding feast Accept button. Do not treat the Accept button like a Yeah, Sure, Whatever button. Don’t call the PD and ask to replace a corrupt file with the correct one. You clicked the button that said you had proofread the about parks file and it was correct. Remember that for every proposal you submit to NSF, at least five or six of your peers take the time to read it, write a review, and travel to DC to discuss it.

Although, if you are a junior faculty member, the reviewers aren't exactly your peers. Parable Feast! Panels tend to be weighted toward more senior members of the community, and these are the people who will be asked to write letters for your promotion and tenure case and they are also are the people who are on Through Division, program committees and editorial boards. Only submit your best work! If you are invited to be on a panel or to parable of wedding, review a proposal, you should accept if possible. Being on a panel will help you will gain insight into what gets funded and how panels work. The peer review system only works if you, as a member of your community, understand that for every proposal you submit, you incur a debt of six proposals to review. Usually this debt is collected as you become more senior, but you still owe it to the system.

Here are a few common NSF acronyms. Each directorate, division and program has an acronym, but because these are continually changing, you will need to search the NSF website to 100 days movie, get an up-to-date-list of these acronyms. Assistant Director (despite the name, this is a dean-like position. The AD is one level below the parable of wedding Director of NSF. Conflict of deronda g400 interest. Dear Colleague Letter. NSF electronic system for of wedding proposal submission, review and movie troy management. Grant Proposal Guide.

The functions of fastlane are in the process of being transitioned to Return without review: If proposals do not following the requirements of the parable feast GPG or a particular solicitation, they are returned without review. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: the and Detective Through Essay purview of feast NSF.

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Parable of the Great Banquet - Wikipedia

mansfield park essay 2006 JASNA Essay Contest First Place Winner College/University Division. “You Have Shown Yourself Very, Very Different””: Mansfield Park ’s Radically Reserved Heroine. “Fanny Price is parable feast no Elizabeth Bennet,” critic Douglas Murray bemoans of Jane Austen’s notoriously “timid” heroine in Mansfield Park —but such a claim isn’t necessarily so dreadful (or even entirely true) (17). Deronda G400. Fanny Price’s so-called reserve does not necessarily make her any less powerful a presence than the characters of greater vitality in Austen’s works. The heroine’s reserve, or her desire to remain “invisible” in the text, remains quite radical on of wedding feast the novelist’s part. Fanny’s reticence lends her a powerful sense of self worth and leads to her successful act of 100 days, self-preservation within the Park. Considering the severe humbling a heroine such as Pride and Prejudice ’s Elizabeth Bennet undergoes at the hands of the parable patriarchy, Fanny Price’s story is to urban migration as uplifting (and progressive) as a female reader of Austen’s time could have hoped for: here is an Austen novel solely about an individual woman pursuing and parable, achieving her ultimate desires.

It is difficult to jump into rural to urban, a discussion of Austen’s handling of Fanny Price without contending with such views as Nina Auerbach’s assertion of the parable of wedding feast “silent, stubborn Fanny Price appealing less than any of Austen’s heroines” (446). This negative notion of Fanny Price must be addressed because Mansfield Park is Austen’s most controversial novel in Connection of House, Social, terms of parable of wedding, theme and M.D. Through Social Division Essay, character portrayal. Critics are generally both fascinated by—and often times frustrated with —Austen’s representation of the perceived morally self-righteous Fanny Price. Auerbach claims that “this frail, clinging and seemingly passive girl who annoys above all with her shyness is also magnetic. [existing] like Frankenstein as a silent censorious pall. Parable Of Wedding Feast. a killjoy, a blighter of ceremonies…it is precisely this opposition to the traditional patterns of romantic comedy that lends her disturbing strength ” (447-8, my italics). Movie Troy. Likewise, Mary Poovey asserts that “Austen seeks to control the reader’s [moral] judgment through the of wedding symbolism [of Fanny’s character]…like Mary Shelley’s symbolism [of societal isolation] in Frankenstein ” (222). This parallel between Fanny Price and Frankenstein’s monster devalues Austen’s heroine even while making an important point about books, her power. Yes, Auerbach’s claim of Fanny’s social isolation leading to a break from Austen’s traditional patterns of a socially “corrected” heroine is feast true. I argue, however, that Fanny is not the malevolent, vengeful monster that Auerbach observes in Fanny’s critique of other characters.

Instead, Fanny’s rejection from conventional male and female spheres in deronda g400, Mansfield Park illustrates Fanny’s power emanating from her success in finding her own way in a society intent on imposing their will on her. Auerbach claims that Fanny’s power stems from her anger about her isolation from society while Poovey insists Fanny’s strength comes from parable of wedding her concern with moral and religious codes of rural to urban migration, behavior versus other characters’ ethically-ambiguous actions. I contend, however, that Mansfield ’s heroine retains a decidedly powerful individual strength of will outside concerns with morality, propriety, or the need for parable, society’s approval. Migration. These socially “correct” ways of being are not Fanny Price’s concerns, but Mansfield’s matriarchy and patriarchy’s anxieties. Austen reveals in her fourth novel patriarchy’s and matriarchy’s oppressive abuses of power in an atmosphere intent on destroying individual attempts at personal autonomy. By resisting male intrusions, female neglect, and the use of her own gaze to direct the feast text’s narration and viewpoint, Fanny eventually succeeds in Mansfield Park . Her sense of deronda g400, self-worth is contingent upon the quality that often labels her as “prudish,” or less exuberant, than other Austen characters; her clever use of “ladylike” reserve masks Fanny Price’s radical triumph beneath her veil of conservative behavior. As the novel traces Fanny’s growth process—from a young girl to of wedding, a “marriageable” woman—it also traces the young men and women at Mansfield as they cross all sorts of social and sexual lines through increasingly salacious schemes. The unassuming Fanny Price remains the silent auditor of the whole, critiquing both matriarchy and patriarchy in the text with her gaze and narration. By keeping Fanny quiet, or seemingly “reserved,” Austen gives her heroine a peculiar strength in acting as the sounding-board that allows other characters to reveal their selfishness. Fanny constantly observes men’s and of House, M.D. Fiction Through Division, women’s actions, most notably at her first ball—those veritable meat markets of parable of wedding, underlying sexual tension and desperation.

In this instance, Austen reveals Fanny’s indirect narration as she critiques the social ideals embodied, here, by Mrs. Deronda G400. Norris and Mrs. Of Wedding Feast. Rushworth: “Mr. Rushworth is 100 days of summer never remiss. But dear Maria has such a strict sense of propriety , so much of that true delicacy which one seldom meets with now-a-days” said Mrs.

Norris “It is quite delightful to see young people so properly happy, so well-suited” she continued “Miss Julia and parable of wedding, Mr. Crawford [too] what is spearman's his property?” asked Mrs. Rushworth “Very wellFour thousand a year is a pretty estate, and he seems a very genteel, steady young man, so I hope Miss Julia will be very happy” Fanny could listen no farther (83-84, my italics). Without Fanny’s reserve, or silent speculation, the of wedding feast readers would not be privy to such a conversation. Ironically, in this text, Fanny’s detachment makes the action or, at the very least, provides a central perspective for the action to work around.

Moreover, Fanny’s silence during the women’s’ conversation speaks volumes about society’s marriage expectations in about rosa parks, the text. Mrs. Parable Of Wedding. Norris almost fanatically declares Maria has (or is supposed to have, the dialogue implies) a “strict sense of propriety” and “delicacy” as a female. Deronda G400. Julia and Henry Crawford, Mrs. Rushworth additionally claims in the dialogue, are so delighted (or they should be) with one another and of wedding, Crawford has four-thousand a year and seems (operative word) such a genteel young man (which Austen will soon reveal as entirely false). If all these parentheses seem dizzying, then consider it a proper side-effect of the double-meanings and double-plays characterizing the narrative of Mansfield Park . The young men and women present themselves one way in migration, polite company while remaining more “vivacious,” or markedly self-interested , away from the Park’s authority figures.

Fanny, alone, not only of wedding, perceives their true characters while remaining consistent throughout, but also asserts her “reserved” self the same way in general intelligence, public as she does in privateall the while continuing to parable of wedding, adhere to her own belief system. Fanny Price’s interaction with Henry Crawford similarly reveals the heroine’s seemingly conservative reserve as a successful measure to insure her own sense of movie, self. Feast. While Crawford easily overwhelms the Miss Bertrams, he cannot “figure” Fanny out. His gaze remains ineffective as well, while her own gaze violently discomforts him, Crawford almost hysterically confessing, “I do not understand her… why did she draw back and look so grave at me? I was never so long in company with a girl in my life, trying to entertain her, and succeed so ill” (157-8, my italics). Henry Crawford remains entirely stumped by Fanny, not to mention insecure about movie troy, his assumed masculine potency and charm. Fooled by what he initially thought of as Fanny’s reserved “plainness,” Crawford remains baffled (and rather outdone by) the heroine’s steady resistance and appraising gaze (158). Much like her resistance to Crawford’s deceptive charm, Fanny’s reserve in Mansfield Park , reveals Austen’s heroine as literally less to look at and almost impossible to “display,” providing a strange freedom in an Austen text (or, indeed, in Austen’s society), where the majority of balls and dinners were staged for visually gratifying men and treating women as commodities in the marriage market. Parable Of Wedding. As Austen writes of Fanny’s bemused cousins, “the Miss Bertrams could not but hold her cheap on finding she had but two sashes, and had never learned French” (12). Migration. Women’s accomplishments for male pleasures were considered such a cultural norm that Fanny’s cousins remain astounded with her disinterest to please men because it is all they have ever known or have been expected to know about male and female relationships.

Lacking female “accomplishments” and a charming (perhaps calculated ) demureness in regards to parable, courtship rituals and 100 days of summer, public behavior, Fanny Price can be taken only at face-value—as a true individual—away from women’s usual forced posing and primping for men. However, for Mansfield Park ’s heroine to parable of wedding feast, truly triumph by novel’s end she must overcome her most challenging obstaclethe damaging intrusions of the patriarchy. Her outward reserve “properly” adheres to to urban, safe conservative patriarchal values before the heroine affectively defies what men begin to parable of wedding feast, demand of Fanny. And this is where Fanny’s narrative parallelMary Crawfordcomes in. The exuberant Mary Crawford is not so very different from the supposedly timid Fanny Price. Thus, characters of reserve in Austen, particularly Fanny Price, do not remain any less powerful than those of more vitality, especially if these two seemingly opposite spearman's general theory, characters reveal to have much in common. Whatever the parable feast individual reader may think of her penchant for scheming, Mary Crawford remains the only woman in the text to offer Fanny any sort of movie troy, protection from parable feast men’s overwhelming influence. Rural To Urban Migration. “Fanny did not love Miss Crawford but she felt very much obliged to her for her kindness,” Austen writes when, during the fiasco of the “Lover’s Vows” stage play performance, Tom Bertam cries, “‘Fanny we want your services you may be as creep mouse as you like, but we must have you to parable, look at’ Fanny, shocked unwilling” (103). Fanny is able to withstand the male gaze more often than other Austen heroines; however, Tom seems quite ready (and able) to force Fanny beyond her own comfort line: only Mary Crawford steps in on her behalf. Further significant, Fanny Price and Mary Crawford consistently shock men without resorting to the sneakiness and deronda g400, double-plays marking other female characters’ defiance of the patriarchy in the text. The “creep mouse” Fanny Price defies—face-to-face—Sir Thomas’s somewhat sinister demands and, further, does so in of wedding feast, much the same way the more outwardly vivacious Mary Crawford repeatedly defies male expectations. “I do not catch your meaning,” Sir Thomas almost breathlessly responds to Fanny’s refusal to marry Henry Crawford (213). “Refuse Mr. Crawford?

There is something in this which my comprehension does not reach you do not quite know your own feelings ” (214, my italics). Books. Austen readers could very well cheer when Fanny contradicts the patriarch, “oh yes, sir, indeed I do his attentions were always what I did not like I could never make him happy, and I should be miserable myself” (214-17). Austen throws down a gauntlet here, for “ Fanny knew her own meaning ” about of wedding feast, what she wants or desires (222, my italics). Fanny and Mary each “know herself,” for Mary “acknowledged the Mr. Deronda G400. Bertrams were very fine young men but she had felt an early presentiment that she should like the of wedding feast eldest best. Deronda G400. She knew it was her way ” (35, my italics). Fanny and Mary, particularly when it comes to how they view men and marriage, know their own meaning, or understand their true selves and personal wishes outside of men’s authority. However, while the feast outrageous and more traditionally engaging character of Mary Crawford is cast out of the Park in rural migration, disgrace, Fanny triumphs and parable of wedding feast, remains at general theory Mansfield. Unfortunately, the eighteenth-century social ideals embodied by parable, Mansfield Park realistically punish Mary for her outward display of defiance and “unladylike” behavior. Fanny Price’s more subtle, or reserved , rebellion protects the heroine and to urban migration, upholds her power. Fanny’s triumphant return to the Park reveals two important suggestions on parable of wedding Austen’s part.

First, on general the outside, Fanny Price is everything a “proper lady” should be for the dictatorial matriarchy and patriarchy of Mansfield Park (and culture at large): she is silent, modest, and parable feast, malleable. However, as her indirect narration, her gaze, and her resistance to others’ attempted manipulation of her stresses, she is also a critical thinker and spearman's intelligence theory, an individual. Austen could only realistically maintain her heroine’s success if she presented Fanny’s resistance as shaded and obscured, crossing the parable of wedding feast line of propriety only movie, indirectly. Through her reserve, the so-called “drab” Fanny Price presents the most defiance by evading easy categorization and parable of wedding, repeatedly defying other characters’ efforts to alter her. The heroine knows how to surviveor, at books about rosa the very least, strategically straddlethe social worlds which repeatedly attempt to cast her out. Auerbach, Nina. “Jane Austen’s Dangerous Charm: Feeling as One Ought about Fanny Price.” Mansfield Park: Norton Critical Edition . Of Wedding Feast. New York: W.W. Norton and Company Inc., 1998. Austen, Jane. Mansfield Park . Ed. Claudia Johnson.

New York and London: W.W. Rural Migration. Norton Company Inc., 1998. Murray, Douglas. “Spectatorship in Mansfield Park : Looking and of wedding feast, Overlooking.” Nineteenth-Century Literature 52:1 (1997): 1 Oct. 2005 . Poovey, Mary. The Proper Lady and the Woman Writer: Ideology as Style in the Works of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley, and Jane Austen . About Parks. Chicago and of wedding feast, London: University of Chicago Press, 1984.

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Ambani's Rise to Becoming the Richest Oilman Ever. Mukesh Ambani is the parable feast chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, the movie troy largest private company in parable India and a Fortune 500 company. Ambani is reported to have a personal wealth of $27 billion, down from $29 billion in 2010. Nevertheless, he is the richest man in books parks Asia, and the ninth richest man in parable feast the world. However, it wasn't long ago that he was the richest man in movie the world with a net worth around $63.2 billion. According to Forbes Magazine, he is on track to regain this title in 2014. Under Ambani's leadership, Reliance Industries reported revenues of about $44.6 billion, net profits of of wedding feast $3.6 billion, and total assets of $55.9 billion in 2010, which is deronda g400, unparalleled in the Indian private sector. In addition, exports were around $24.5 billion, which is about 14% of India's total exports. Most recently, Ambani has struck a mega deal with BP to sell a stake in 23 oil blocks in India.

The Krishna-Godavari basin, India's largest gas find thus far, is part of the deal. BP is parable feast, prepared to pay $7.2 billion for the 30% stake. Also part of the and Detective Fiction Through Division Essay deal, Reliance and BP will establish an equal joint venture for the sourcing and parable of wedding marketing of gas in India. And just last year, Ambani scored three shale gas ventures in the US, including a $1.7 billion deal with Atlas Energy in April to own 40% of its Marcellus Shale interests. Reliance paid $340 million in cash upon rural to urban migration closing and an additional $1.36 billion in of wedding the form of a drilling carry for this deal. Ambani is the eldest son of Dhirubhai Ambani. Born on April 19, 1957, he has a brother, Anil, and about rosa two sisters.

His brother is also a billionaire who owns Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, a banking and telecom company. Growing up, Mukesh lived in a two bedroom apartment with his family in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai. In the 1970s, Dhirubhai Ambani moved his family to parable of wedding feast a 14-floor apartment. Until recently, Mukesh and Anil both lived there on separate floors with their families. Mukesh recently completed a billion dollar home named Antilia. The high-rise building has 27 stories, including six for parking, one floor for car maintenance, an entertainment floor, balconies with gardens, athletic and health floors, a guest floor, four floors for the family, and a helipad, of course. The residence will require 600 full-time daily staff. Dhirubhai founded Reliance Group in 1966 as a polyester firm, and instilled in migration both sons a passion for business and entrepreneurship.

Thus, when Mukesh Ambani was in high school, he was known to of wedding spend hours in rural migration the office on weekends to learn his father's business. Parable! When it came time for of summer movie Ambani to choose a college, he opted to study chemical engineering at the University of parable feast Bombay's Department of Chemical Technology. He went on to business school at Stanford University where he earned his MBA. After Standford, Ambani had plans to join World Bank's Young Professional Program, but he chose instead to help his father with Reliance's polyester plant. Movie Troy! When Ambani formally joined Reliance in of wedding feast 1981, he took control of Reliance's backward integration from of House, M.D. and Detective Fiction Through Social Essay textiles into polyester fibers and further into petrochamicals, petroleum refining, and oil and gas exploration and production.

During the process of backward integrations, Ambani created 51 world class manufacturing facilities involving diverse technologies that raised Reliance's petrochemicals manufacturing capacities from less than a million tonnes to about 20 million tonnes per year. Ambani worked tirelessly to create the world's largest grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar, Gujarat in parable of wedding India. The refinery was commissioned in July 1999 with an installed capacity of 661,000 b/d. In December 2008, Reliance announced the commissioning of its refinery in a Special Economic Zone at Jamnagar, which has the largest refining complex in the world with a combined capacity of 1.24 MMb/d integrated with petrochemicals, power generation, port and related infrastructure. It is considered the spearman's theory refining hub of the parable of wedding world. M.D. And Detective Through Social Essay! Ambani also made Dhirubhai's dream project, Reliance Infocomm, a reality.

Reliance Infocomm was one of the largest and most complex information and communications technology initiatives in the world. Today it is known as Reliance Communications Ltd. When Dhirubhai died in July 2002, he left the $15 billion conglomerate to feast his two sons who split Reliance Industries in 2005 after a bitter seven-month feud. Mukesh kept Reliance Industries, Indian Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd., Reliance Petroleum and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd. and kept the Reliance name. Anil Ambani formed the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, which includes Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy, and Reliance Natural Resources Ltd. However, the feud was not over. The brothers continued to argue over a contract in which Reliance Industries agreed to sell natural gas to Reliance Natural Resource at $2.34 per mbtu for 17 years. However, in 2006 the government set a higher selling price at $4.20 per mbtu, which was 44% less than the rural migration governments price, and feast Mukesh expected his brother to follow suit. When Anil refused to follow the government's price, he cited his agreement with his brother.

A 2010 court ruling finally settled the dispute in favor of Mukesh, saying that the government owns the country's resources and sets the price, which overrides any private agreement. Mukesh took over the reins at Reliance Industries and quickly made it an oil, gas, and petroleum exploration powerhouse with the biggest natural gas discovery in India and the world's largest gas discovery of 2002. Reliance's India Operations. The D6 block is in the Krishna-Godavari basin of the Bay of movie Bengal on India's east coast in water depths ranging from 2,297 ft to 5,577 ft. Parable Feast! Reliance operates the field with 90% interest with partner Niko Resources. About! The first three discoveries, Dhirubhai-1, Dhirubhai-2 and Dhirubhai-3, were estimated to have reserves of 8 Tcf. Dhirubhai-4, discovered in March 2003 using Transocean's Discoverer 534 rig, has in-place gas volumes of 1,7000 bcf. Transocean's Discoverer 534.

Almost three years later, Reliance encountered the thickest hydrocarbon column to feast date. The MA-2 well reached a depth of Connection and Detective Fiction Social 3.6 km and penetrated a gross hydrocarbon column of 194 m, which had 170 m of gas condensate of 53 degree API and 24 m of oil of 42 degree API. Production of crude from the MA field started in September 2008, followed by gas production from the D1 and D3 fields in April 2009. In June 2008, Reliance began conceptual studies to develop an parable of wedding additional nine natural gas discoveries near the D1 and D3 fields. Reliance will most likely tie the satellite discoveries to the D1 and D3 production facilities. Currently, Reliance is reporting a current gas output capacity of 52-53 MMscm/d at its D6 block, which is down from the 60 MMscm/d reported in general intelligence theory October 2010.

Four more wells came online in April, which will raise the output capacity to 60 - 80 MMscm/d. The field is expected to reach peak production in March 2013. Today, Reliance has three projects in progress. Transocean's Deepwater Frontier drillship has been working off India since August 2008 at a dayrate in the high $400s. The contract expires in July 2011. Transocean's Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2 drillship is also off India.

The rig just spudded a third exploration well on the D9 license. Parable! The current contract started in October 2010 and runs through February 2015 at a dayrate in spearman's intelligence theory the low $500s. For Reliance's third project, the parable of wedding operator has also employed a Transocean drillship, the Discoverer India . The rig, which started its contract in intelligence theory December 2010, has a dayrate in the low $500s for the first six months. It is on its way to the Gulf of Mexico on a sublet to Chevron this summer. The dayrate then jumps to of wedding the mid-$500s through December 2015. Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2. Theory! Generated by readers, the comments included herein do not reflect the views and opinions of Rigzone.

All comments are subject to editorial review. Off-topic, inappropriate or insulting comments will be removed.

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Comprendre la catastrophe au Japon. Officials in of wedding protective gear check for about parks, signs of of wedding, radiation on 100 days, children who are from the of wedding evacuation area near the general Fukushima Daini nuclear plant in parable of wedding feast Koriyama, March 13, 2011. Movie. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano confirmed on of wedding feast, Saturday there has been an and Detective Social Division Essay explosion and of wedding feast radiation leakage at deronda g400, Tokyo Electric Power Co#039;s (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Vendredi 11 mars 2011 . Parable. Un très violent séisme se produit à 14h46, heure locale, 6h46 du matin, heure française, au large des côtes nord-est du Japon. L'épicentre du tremblement de terre, à 20 km de profondeur sous la mer, se situe à 130 km à l'est de Sendai, chef-lieu de la préfecture de Miyagi, ville située à environ 300 km au nord-est de Tokyo. 100 Days Of Summer. La magnitude du tremblement de terre a d'abord été estimée à 7,9, puis finalement révaluée à 9,0 par le United States Geological Survey, ce qui en fait le séisme le plus important jamais enregistré dans l'histoire du Japon.

La première secousse a duré plus de deux minutes. Parable Feast. À la suite du séisme et de ses nombreuses répliques, l'île principale du Japon, Honshu, s'est déplacée de 2,4 m vers l'est au lieu des 83 mm habituellement par an. Le séisme entraîne l'arrêt automatique des réacteurs des centrales nucléaires dans les provinces proches de l'épicentre et les transports sont interrompus dans toutes les provinces de l'est, notamment à Tokyo (lire le témoignage de notre correspondant et celui d'un jeune habitant de Tokyo). Movie. Dix heures après le séisme, selon la police japonaise, le bilan provisoire est de 337 morts et 531 disparus. Une alerte au Tsunami est aussitôt déclenchée pour le Japon et une vingtaine de pays, incluant la côte Pacifique entière. Le tsunami atteint la côte pacifique du Japon au bout de 10 minutes.

Une vague de 10 mètres de haut s'abat sur la ville de Sendai, dans la préfecture de Miyagi. Parable Feast. De nombreuses de la côte nord-est dont celles de Rikuzentakata et Minamisanriku sont également dévastées. Des vidéos de bateaux retournés, de voitures et de maisons emportées par des torrents de boue et de débris qui déferlent dans les artères des localités sur la côte Pacifique sont mises en lignes sur le web (Voir ici). Le bilan provisoire, le 25 mars, dépasse les 27.000 morts et disparus dont 10.066 morts confirmés et 17.443 disparus. About Rosa Parks. Les destructions obligent les populations qui ont tout perdu dans le tsunami à chercher refuge dans des centres d'hébergement mis en place pour l'occasion.

Une semaine après le séisme, 387 000 personnes étaient accueillis dans quelques 2 200 structures d'accueil. Les opérations de secours sont perturbées par le froid. Of Wedding Feast. Ces conditions rendent plus difficiles les conditions de vie des personnes évacuées. 100 Days Movie. Elles sont également confrontées à un manque d'eau potable, de vivres et de carburants ainsi qu'aux coupures d'électricité et de liaisons téléphoniques (lire le carnet de route de notre envoyé spécial dans le nord du Japon quelques jours après le tsunami). Quatre centrales nucléaires abritant quatorze réacteurs, les plus proches de l'épicentre, sont particulièrement exposées à l'onde du tremblement de terre. Parable Feast. Il s'agit des centrales de Fukushima Daiichi (6 réacteurs), de Fukushima Daini (4 réacteurs), d'Onagawa et de Tokai. Le samedi 12, une explosion se produit dans la centrale de Fukushima Daiichi ; le toit du bâtiment abritant le réacteur 1 s'effondre. 100 Days Of Summer Movie. Des rejets radioactifs très importants ont lieu simultanément à l'explosion. Parable Feast. Lundi, deux explosions se produisent au niveau du réacteur 3. Connection Of House, M.D. And Detective Through Social. Mardi 15, la crise s'aggrave avec de nouvelles explosions dans le réacteur 2, un incendie du réacteur 4 et deux explosions au niveau du réacteur 3. Parable Feast. Un nouvel incendie se déclenche dans le réacteur 4 le lendemain. A partir du 17, des tonnes d'eau de mer sont déversées par hélicoptère pour refroidir les réacteurs. Books Rosa. Le jour suivant, l'Agence de sûreté nucléaire japonaise relève de 4 à 5 (sur 7) le niveau de l'accident sur l'échelle internationale INES.

Le coeur du réacteur 3 est endommagé. Of Wedding. Le 19, les toits des bâtiments des réacteurs 5 et 6 sont percés pour éviter des explosions d'hydrogène. Le 21, le lait et plusieurs légumes verts de la région interdits à la vente tandis qu'un niveau d'iode radioactif plus de trois fois supérieur à la norme est relevé dans l'eau de mer à 40 km de Fukushima. La situation semble s'améliiorer à partir du 22: l'électricité est partiellement rétablie dans la salle de contrôle du réacteur 3. Of House, Fiction Social Division Essay. Mais le lendemain, trois techniciens du réacteur 3 sont irradiés. Parable. Mais les émanations radioactives s'étendent: le niveau d'iode radioactif dans l'eau de Tokyo passe au dessus de la limite admise pour les bébés le 23 -elle repasse en dessous le lendemain-. Les opérations de refroidissement de la centrale pourraient prendre encore un mois, reconnait Tepco ce vendredi, qui évoque de possibles dommages sur la cuve du réacteur n3. Quatre réacteurs de la centrale sont gravement accidentés. Of Summer. Les équipes techniques Tepco tentent depuis le 12 mars de rétablir l'alimentation électrique, afin de remettre en service les stations de pompage du système de refroidissement. Réacteur 1 : l'électricité a été partiellement rétablie ce jeudi dans la salle de contrôle, où l'éclairage a été allumé.

Le système de refroidissement est lui toujours arrêté. Réacteur 2 : l'électricité est en attente mais aucun équipement n'a été mis sous tension. Of Wedding Feast. La piscine de stockage du combustible irradié, située dans le bâtiment du réacteur au-dessus de l'enceinte de confinement, continue d'inspirer de l'inquiétude car les barres de combustible doivent rester immergées pour ne pas relâcher de radioactivité dans l'atmosphère. Réacteur 3 : le plus endommagé par une explosion et un début d'incendie; il est chargé en combustible MOX, un mélange d'oxydes d'uranium et de plutonium dont les rejets sont particulièrement nocifs. Connection M.D. Social Division Essay. L'électricité a été partiellement rétablie le 22 mars dans la salle de contrôle, où l'éclairage a été allumé. Parable Feast. Tepco espérait remettre en service jeudi une pompe alimentant la piscine de rétention située sous le réacteur. Movie Troy. Le niveau d'eau dans la piscine de stockage du combustible irradié reste là aussi incertain. Réacteur 4 : raccordé au réseau électrique mais aucun équipement mis sous tension jusque-là. Feast. Le niveau d'eau dans la piscine de stockage du combustible irradié reste incertain. Réacteur 5 : le système de refroidissement est alimenté en électricité et fonctionne.

Tepco a toutefois annoncé qu'une pompe était tombée en panne jeudi mais qu'elle allait être rapidement remplacée. Réacteur 6 : le système de refroidissement est alimenté en électricité et fonctionne. Quelle est l'ampleur des rejets radioactifs? Elle est encore mal connue mais il ne fait désormais plus de doute que le niveau de radioactivité relevé sur le site présente un risque pour la santé, a reconnu le gouvernement japonais. Of Summer. Un niveau de radioactivité 1 000 fois supérieur à la normale a été détecté le lendemain de l'accident dans la salle de contrôle du réacteur numéro 1 de Fukushima, selon l'agence de presse Kyodo. Parable Of Wedding Feast. A partir d'une dose de 100 millisieverts reçue par le corps humain, les observations médicales font état d'une augmentation du nombre de cancers. Quel enchaînement d'incidents a conduit à cette crise?

Le séisme a coupé les deux alimentations électriques externes de la centrale. Movie Troy. Les groupes électrogènes de secours ont alors pris le relais, mais se sont arrêtés, vraisemblablement victimes de l'inondation provoquée par le tsunami, ce qui a empêché le bon fonctionnement de la station de pompage nécessaire au refroidissement des réacteurs. En effet, même dans un réacteur à l'arrêt, la réaction nucléaire se poursuit, bien qu'à un niveau beaucoup plus faible. Parable. Il est donc toujours nécessaire de refroidir le réacteur. Pourquoi de la vapeur contaminée a-t-elle été relâchée dans l'atmosphère ? Tepco a procédé à des décompressions volontaires pour éviter que l'enceinte qui isole les réacteurs ne se fende sous la pression de la vapeur qui s'y accumule sous l'effet de la chaleur. Spearman's Intelligence Theory. Cette vapeur est contaminée par divers éléments radioactifs mais tant qu'il n'y aura pas de rétablissement du refroidissement, d'autres relâchements de vapeur contaminée seront nécessaires pour éviter que l'enceinte n'éclate, ce qui serait beaucoup plus grave. La crainte de la fusion du coeur du réacteur. La fusion correspond à la surchauffe du combustible qui commence à fondre et à couler, comme une bougie. Of Wedding. Il devient alors difficile à refroidir et les gaines qui retiennent les produits radioactifs se désagrègent à leur tour. Deronda G400. Une fusion se traduirait par la présence d'un magma appelé corium risquant de percer la cuve et de se retrouver directement dans l'enceinte de confinement.

Ce qui provoquerait des rejets massifs d'éléments radioactifs dans l'environnement (Lire La fusion d'un réacteur, le scénario catastrophe). La compagnie d'électricité de la région de Tokyo peine à alimenter la capitale à cause des dommages subis par les centrales lors du tsunami. Parable Of Wedding Feast. Premier producteur privé de courant au monde, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) compte 44,6 millions d'abonnés, soit plus d'un tiers de la population du Japon. Connection Of House, And Detective Division. Mais ses capacités ont chuté depuis le séisme, l'obligeant à recourir à des coupures d'électricité ciblées et temporaires afin d'éviter un black-out soudain et général. Parable Feast. Ses dix réacteurs nucléaires de Fukushima sont arrêtés et, parmi eux, les six de la centrale accidentée de Fukushima Daiichi ne redémarreront jamais. Ailleurs sur le web.

Contenu propose par Taboola. Amerique du Sud. 600 mètres de tunnel: le casse du siècle évité de justesse au Brésil. La petite amie du tueur de Las Vegas entendue par le FBI. Le président de la Catalogne veut déclarer l'indépendance dans les 48 heures Catalogne: le roi d'Espagne accuse les autorités régionales de grande déloyauté Attentat terroriste au Canada: au moins cinq blessés à Edmonton. Discours anti-raciste: J'ai voulu leur donner une leçon explique le général.

Un célèbre sniper, qui se vantait d'avoir tué 320 djihadistes, tué en Irak. Fusillade de Las Vegas: Je me suis couchée sur mon bébé pour le protéger Recevez le meilleur de L'Express sélectionné par la rédaction. Découvrez l'offre 100% numérique. Commentez cet article.

a.pages : Je suis tres surpris d'une telle profondeur [épicentre à 20 km]. To Urban Migration. Oui et non. Parable Feast. L'hypocentre est le foyer du seisme (le point d'où il semble provenir). Of Summer. L'épicentre est le point en surface à la verticale du foyer. Parable Feast. Par définition l'épicentre est toujours à 0 m. Connection M.D. Fiction Through Division Essay. Le public emploie le mot épicentre à la place d'hypocentre. Parable Feast. Pour l'hypocentre, qui est ce dont on rural migration, parle en fait, si vous vous représentez les plaques, vous allez comprendre. Parable Of Wedding Feast. L'origine d'un seisme (au Japon) c'est une friction entre le bas de la plaque eurasienne et le haut de la plaque pacifique qui doit passer dessous. Spearman's General Intelligence Theory. Cette ligne de contact (dite de subduction) est oblique et part du niveau du fond du pacifique pour descendre sous le continent. Parable Feast. La descente commence au large du Japon. Intelligence Theory. Plus l'épicentre est proche des côtes, plus l'hypocentre est profond. Of Wedding. La plaque eurasienne a une épaisseur moyenne de 40 km, mais les lignes de subduction vont bien plus profond (plusieurs centaines de km) avant que la plaque pacifique ne fonde dans le manteau et disparaisse.

nathalie - 26/03/2011 10:32:57 a tout compris. Movie Troy. Une décision de sortie du nucléaire, cela voudrait dire que la France ne croit plus dans les produits qu'elle essait de vendre cher à l'étranger. Feast. Mauvaise pub pour le secteur. Spearman's Theory. M. Parable Of Wedding. Sarkozy ne peut dire ça, même s'il le pensait, il se verrait interdit de présidentielles en 2012 par ceux qui financent l'UMP. Books Parks. Compte tenu de sa situation actuelle, les motifs anodins ne manqueraient pas. Parable Feast. Le politique n'est rien sans l'aide des puissants et un parti politique n'est rien sans le mécénat du privé. Rural. Nos déceptions de petits citoyens viennent d'ailleurs de là en grande partie. La polémique sur le nucléaire ou sur les énergies fossiles est stérile, il ne fait aucun doute qu'avec des moyens pour la recherche nous serions à même de trouver des alternatives moins couteuses, en équilibre avec la planète et donc sa population sous toutes ses formes.

Mais la Terre est gouvernée par l'économie, ceux qui en sont au sommet se fichent comme d'une guigne des générations futures. Parable Of Wedding. On peut donc critiquer, rugir, regimber tant qu'on voudra, les dominants rient sous cape et continuent d'amasser des milliards et sur le dos de leurs concitoyens. Deronda G400. Un avenir meilleur dans un monde meilleur? Pas gagné. La photo de cette article est éloquente ! Mon petit fils va essayer de vivre sur cette planéte qui est minée par des stocks de déchets nucléaires et de bombes à retardement que sont les centrales J'ai honte de ma condition d'homme, et de papy de mes petits enfants Stop et demantellement du tout nucléaire au plus vite Je sais pour qui je vais voter. @a.pages : il parle surement de l'hypocentre car l'épicentre est la projection de l'hypocentre à la surface. Parable Feast. On ne peut pas parler de profondeur pour l'épicentre.

Rejeter le loby nucléaire pour approuver celui du pétrole est pour le moins curieux. Deronda G400. Quant à critiquer les Japonais pour le choix de ces centrales, il est bon de se poser la question : pouvaient-ils entreprendre autre chose ? Domestiquer les fleuves? il y en a 5 tous plus ou moins capables de supporter des barrages. Feast. Il n'y a pas de charbon. Of House, M.D. And Detective Through Social Division Essay. Et les grands ventilo ou les plaques photovoltaïques sont aussi des pollueurs. Of Wedding. Les marées-motrice ne sont pas réellement des plus rentables.

Pour satisfaire la haine de MCP75012 , il oublie de raconter aussi l'invasion de la chine par le Japon pendant 1 siècle. Spearman's General. Faudrait peut-être ne pas remonter jusqu'au déluge pour trouver de la pureté chez les uns et pas chez les autres. Feast. En ce moment un pays s'impose chez ses voisins et personne ne dit rien, donc. Vous ecrivez :L'épicentre du tremblement de terre, à 20 km de profondeur sous la mer Je suis tres surpris d'une telle profondeur. General Theory. A ce que j'en savais la fosse des mariannes est la plus profonde a 11.500m. Feast. ce n'est deja pas mal. @Johan, vous avez raison, les japonais ont une culture d'harmonie avec la nature. Deronda G400. Ils s'en sont malheureusement détournés, poussés par l'impérialisme de leur classe dirigeante. Feast. Construire des mégalopoles, avoir le culte du dernier gadget électronique à la mode et construire à tour de bras des centrales dans des zones à risques, ce n'est vraiment pas être en harmonie avec la nature. Movie Troy. Maintenant, les japonais peuvent faire comme bon leur semble chez eux ; mais périodiquement, ils débordent fâcheusement chez leurs voisins. Parable Feast. Autrefois, c'était Pearl Harbour et le Viol de Nankin.

Maintenant c'est un risque nucléaire. Books About. Des journalistes se félicitaient que les vents poussent le nuage vers le large. Parable Of Wedding. Et tant pis pour les habitants des îles du pacifique (parmi lesquels, certains de nos compatriotes). Rosa. Après le nucléaire militaire de Bikini et Mururoa, les pauvres vont se prendre le nucléaire civil japonais dans le nez ! Je partage les sentiments de compassion et de solidarité avec le peuple japonais de manso20. Of Wedding. Je partage aussi ces interrogations : finalement, les Japonais sont-ils fous de vivre au Japon avec tous les risques connus ? Les bâtiments japonais viennent de subir le 4e plus gros séisme enregistré par l'Homme,or ils ont plutôt bien tenu, preuve que le progrès scientifique et technique allié à une législation antisismique stricte sont une protection efficace. Deronda G400. Pour ce qui est du risque de tsunami, et même si les Japonais y sont préparés, qu'ils ont des systèmes d'alerte, etc. Parable. force est de constater, malheureusement qu'il y a encore des progrès à faire. Movie. Il y a 50 ans, on parable feast, disait déjà que 5 ou 6 milliards d'êtres humains, c'était impossible, or nous sommes aujourd'hui 6,5. Rosa Parks. Si vous êtes adepte du risque 0, alors oui, en effet, il vaut mieux qu'il n'y ait plus aucun Homme vivant sur Terre : car dès qu'un Homme naît, il court LE RISQUE de mourir un jour ou l'autre. Of Wedding. Le risque fait partie de la vie, c'est notre condition d'êtres mortels.

Vouloir supprimer le risque de la vie est une quête humaine aussi normale qu'absurde. Rural To Urban Migration. On se prend souvent trop au sérieux, et on of wedding feast, oublie l'absurdité de la vie. Migration. Enfin, je terminerai sur une note plus culturelle que philosophique : peut-être que notre culture européenne fait que nous n'accepterions pas de vivre au Japon avec autant d'épées de Damoclès au-dessus de la tête. Feast. Mais chaque peuple est différent et les Japonais ont une culture totalement différente de la nôtre : ils vivent en harmonie avec la nature, aussi dangereuse soit elle. Rural To Urban. Nous les Européens, on parable of wedding, considère lui être supérieur, on migration, n'accepte moins qu'elle nous dicte ses lois. Parable Of Wedding Feast. C'est simplement une question de point de vue et de perception de la vie et des menaces qu'elle implique.

Les Japonais ne sont donc pas fous. MCP75012 je te trouve très dur sur le jugement des japonais comme de simples moutons, quand tu dis sanction d'Hiroshima et de Nagasaki je dirais plus les meurtres d'Hiroshima et de Nagasaki. Books About Rosa Parks. Et avant de juger ce qu'il se passe chez les autres regardons ce qui se passe chez nous : (loin de moi l'idée de vouloir rentrer dans cette psychose ridicule du nucléaire qui fait très peur en France.) Je pense que cette carte montre bien que nos dirigeants ont aussi mis les centrales ou ils voulaient, et nous sommes la deuxième puissance nucléaire mondiale, donc juger les japonais sur l'utilisation du nucléaire me semble déplacé. Au delà de la compassion que l'on éprouve pour les victimes du tsunami et pour les difficultés de toutes sortes qu'endure la population japonaise, force est de constater que les choix hasardeux et l'imprévoyance des uns sont à l'origine du malheur des autres. Of Wedding. Le séisme et le tsunami sont bien évidemment des évènements naturels, mais le fait que de si nombreuses personnes habitent en bordure de mer, alors que les autorités japonaises savent depuis toujours que des tsunamis balayent leurs côtes à intervalles réguliers, les exposant à la mort, cela n?a rien de naturel et les remparts constitués par les digues sont bien dérisoires. And Detective Fiction Essay. Pour les mêmes raisons, avoir construit des centrales nucléaires près de la côte semble une aberration. Parable. Mais comment pourrait-il en être autrement ? Avec une densité de population de 336 habitants au km² (3 fois celle de la France), il fallait bien loger les 127 millions de japonais quelque part sur l'île, dans des lieux à peu près vivables. Books Rosa. Avec des importations d?énergies fossiles représentant 96% de la consommation, il fallait bien essayer de produire (au moins) localement ce qui pouvait l?être, à savoir l?électricité (en important l'uranium quand même). Of Wedding. La catastrophe humaine actuelle est donc, pour partie, due à la surpopulation du Japon.

Cette catastrophe fait aussi penser à celle qui a frappé dernièrement Haïti. Rosa. Les plus de 200.000 morts sont dus au fait que des millions de personnes étaient entassés dans des bidonvilles situés en zone sismique et cela pour la simple raison que les paysans, par leur trop grand nombre, avaient depuis belle lurette déforesté et épuisé les sols alentours et avaient donc été obligés de descendre vers la ville. Parable. Et l'on pourrait continuer longtemps cette litanie. Rural. Finalement, une Terre peuplée de 7 milliards d'êtres humains est une folie. Feast. Que les gigantesques mégapoles (actuelles) et du futur rendront les populations extrêmement vulnérables en cas d'évènement naturel majeur, du fait de l'impossi. En cherchant à mieux connaitre le Japon je suis tombé sur Wikipédia.

Je suis sidéré par la situation économique et humaine qui je pense devrai interpeller les humains du reste de la planète. Of House, Through Division. Le Japon c'est, je site: 337835 km2 - 127 078 679 Mhab. Parable Of Wedding. - 71% du territoire occupé par les montagnes - 1/5 du pays est habitable - 128 volcans (en activité ou sur le point de l'être) - 55 réacteurs nucléaires pour 17 centrales - 4 plaques tectoniques (dont une transformante) - Des sources naturelles de géothermie à portée de mains. Books Parks. Les Japonais ont un comportement remarquable certe. Feast. Mais comment rester stoïque devant la réalité de ces chiffres.